The High School Record


About High School People, Present and Past.

    Several schools have placed Wheeling High School on their accredited lists during the school year just closing. Among these are the schools of the Northwestern Association of Colleges and Universities, Case School of Applied Science, Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.
    Miss Sara Westling, '11, spent several days recently, visiting her sister, Miss Helen, '07, a senior at West Virginia University.
    Miss Anne Hugus, '07, will graduate from Ohio Wesleyan this month. She has been chosen prophet of her class.
    High School pupils learned with much regret the fact that Miss Annie Wilson has resigned her position of librarian of the Wheeling Public Library. Those who use the library most appreciate Miss Wilson's painstaking efforts to serve them and her own courteous manner to young and old. Her successor has not yet been chosen.
    Miss Laura Crago of the High School faculty expects to attend the meeting of the National Education in San Francisco next month.
    John Johnson, '08, with his classmate, Gordon Blake, who is on his way to his home in Waterbury, Conn., was a visitor at the school on open day, May 29th.
    Miss Elizabeth Higgins of the High School faculty will probably spend a part of the summer studying at Columbia University.
    The lettering of the diplomas was done by Mr. E. E. Spanabel, teacher of penmanship in the commercial department.
    Miss Bessie Eskey, '04, Wellesley, '09, will spend several months visiting in California.
    Our handsome building appeared in a new dress for the Knights Templar conclave, held in Wheeling in May. The Board of Education very generously purchased a new flag for the pole, two dozen smaller flags for second and third-story windows and six large bunting flags for decorating the front of the building.
    James Duthie, '10, will enter the architectural school of the University of Pennsylvania next September.
    The last rhetorical exercises were made enjoyable by three of our High School boys who rendered selections from the "Chocolate Soldier" on the violin and also accompanied the choruses. The boys who played were William Loper, Homer Connelly and Frank Schneider. Miss Azele Bullard accompanied them.
    Dr. Harriet B. Jones was present at the Anti-Tuberculosis exercises held by the school, and gave an interesting talk.
    Field Agent Giffen, representing Muskigum College, was a visitor at the High School on May 23, and gave an interesting talk to members of the Senior class.
    Among the recent visitors at the High School have been Dr. A. B. Hulbert of Marietta College and Mr. L. L. Friend, state inspector of schools.
    The thirsty students have certainly appreciated the tank of ice water that has been placed in the assembly hall.
    An interesting and interested visitor at the High School recently was Principal Charles L. Wilson of Parkersburg High School. Mr. Wilson was in the city to attend the state conclave of the Knights Templar.
    Miss Frances Ogden, ex-'10, graduated from St. Mary's Hall this month, taking the highest honors of her class. She will enter Wellesley.
    The members of the Freshman class and her school friends in general regret to lose Alvahn Holmes, who left recently for Alabama, there to make her future home.
    Her classmates of 1914 extend their sympathy to Helen Majesky, who recently lost her father.
    Mr. J. C. McGregor, history teacher at the High School, has been granted a year's leave of absence for the purpose of studying. No one has yet been named by the Board to teach history next year.
    Thomas Hughes, '08, has been elected editor-in-chief of "The Campus," the Allegheny College weekly.
    Harry Weiler, '09, was elected reporter for the class of 1913 for "The Campus," Allegheny College.
    Edgar McGregor, ex-'08, has been made telegraph editor on the Wheeling News, in place of Herbert Buckman, '05, who has accepted a position as reporter on the Cleveland Press.
    Harry King and Marsh Watkins, both '08, were among the fifteen Juniors to be linked into the Sphinx Club at West Virginia.
    The publication of the "Monticola," the W. V. U. year book, is being managed this year by Marsh Watkins.
    Bernard Schenerlein, ex-'10, who is attending W. V. U., was a visitor at home during the past week.
    Lewis McCammon paid us a visit last Tuesday and blended his mellow voice with the chorus, to the delight of all around him.
    William Walters, ex-'11, arrived home May 12 in time to see the circus on the following day.
    Ralph Wood of Ohio Wesleyan attended the girls' last basket-ball game at W. H. S.
    Arthur Hoge is home from Ohio Medical.
    Silas Steinhauser is a member of The Telegraph editorial staff.


What does the sunlight seem to say
    As it gleams so brightly at the break of day?
What is the message the wild winds bring?
    Softly they whisper, "'Tis spring; 'tis spring."
What do the sweet bird's song denote?
    What secrets come from their tiny throats?
Hush! if you listen, you'll hear them sing,
    "Wake little flowers, 'tis spring, 'tis spring."
What does all nature say today
    As it comes so silently on its way?
    What is the story it whispers low
    Over the vanishing drifts of snow?
"Oh man, shake off thy toil and care.
    Forget they narrowness and despair.
Go out and listen to the birds that sing
    And learn how to live at the feet of spring."
          --L. V. D.