The High School Record


    The new Wheeling High School is situated on Chapline street between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets. It is an imposing three-story structure of light brick. The building is patterned after the ancient classical architecture, the Grecian style predominating. The projecting top, but little adorned, resembles somewhat the old Athenian style and gives the structure a substantial and pleasing offect. The striking part of the edifice is its Grecian colonnade. This is set off by six massive Ionic pillars, with their beautiful scroll tops and plain, well-defined base. These rise to the full height of the building and give it a grand and impressive appearance. The flat surface of the front has but little adornment; save, some artistic arrangements of the bricks themselves, which serve as beautiful ornamentations and break the monotony of a plain, unrelieved wall. Seven large stone steps lead from the pavement to the floor of the colonnade, while the whole structure rests on a substantial stone foundation. The total number of windows in the front is fifty-six. These are grooped together in an artistic manner. Their frames are painted a rich, dark red, giving a beautiful touch of color and adding much to the general appearance of the building. The six large windows opening upon the colonnade from the first floor are the same width and have the same appearance as the front entrance. The entrance consists of two massive glass doors framed in a beautiful red wood; and comply with the law which compels all school doors to open outward.
    On entering through these doors one's gaze may rest upon the beautiful wide escailier. Its steps are slate and are finished by a light oak railing. Fourteen steps lead to a landing about six feet by eight; here the stairs branch off and two semi-winding ones, of fourteen steps each, extend to the hall above.
    Taking a general survey of the outer appearance of our new Wheeling High, we agree that it is exquisitely proportioned, handsome and imposing. We, the pupils of Wheeling High School, are might proud of it.

         H. S., '12.