The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures I)


"Happy am I. From care I'm free.
Why aren't they all contented like me?"

"Mossie," "Shorty," "Moss Rose."

    Has the distinction of being the smallest girl in the class. Editor of the "Record," and certainly does justice to the position. Is a regular walking phonograph and a dictionary for slang. In fact, her fame in these two lines has become so great that Elizabeth also has the habit. Always willing to do you a favor. Just at present is crazy about Bellaire, Bellaire pins, boys and schools, and in fact, anything that comes under that name.


"Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit."


    Has been President Bond ever since the class first organized. Plays Jonathan to Chester's David. Harry is a proud possessor of a complexion that is the envy of all the girls - except Ruth Mason. Bet he was a Mellin's food baby; still looks like one of its ads. Voice is "ever gentle and low, a most excellent thing in ... man." Business manager of the Record.


"Her very frowns are fairer far,
Than smiles of many maidens are."

"Betty," "Tiblets," "Betisha."

    One of the very sweetest girls in the class. "Betty" is quite dignified except when she is with Rosa. Is a great lover of animals - generally has one of the "Rabbit" family with her. Talks with her hands, face and often her whole body; this undoubtedly makes her recitations impressive. Assistant editor of the Record and in this capacity has given valuable aid to the paper. A speaker of some note. One of the commencement orators.


"With graceful steps he walks the street,
And smiles at all the maidens sweet."

    Harry's satellite. His essays and opinions are often the envy of the class. Has a wonderful voice and uses it to perfection - whether singing, reading or merely talking. Chester is a regular ladies' man and a poet of no mean ability. Thinks the only blessing in this life is to get Mason-ry. Doesn't smoke now, but expects to when he dies. Assistant business manager.