The High School Record


    The gymnasium is situated in the basement, adjoining are two dressing rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. These rooms are fitted with showerbaths and other conveniences.
    It is heated by a furnace and lighted by electricity. Eight feet above the floor is the circular running track which is also used as a gallery for basket-ball games.
    The floor is marked off for the purposes of playing basket-ball and the equipment is the most modern.

         M. T., '12.


    Any description of Wheeling's handsome and commodious High School would be incomplete without some mention of the women teachers' rest room, which is situated on the east side of the north wing of the building. Its softly-tinted walls, beautifully-carpeted floor, a luxurious couch and comfortable rocking chairs make it a most tempting resort, and only a Spartan devotion to duty draws us from its restful atmosphere at the ringing of the gong.


    The accompanying cut is one of the typical class rooms of the building, all of which are light and cheerful. Each room is supplied with tablet arm chairs, which are very comfortable, as well as ornamental.
    Charts, maps and bookcases are supplied where needed in the different departments. In all, the class rooms of the school are very cheery and tend to inspire the pupil to put forth his very efforts.

         E. B., '11.