The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures II)


Francis Hare - "He could distinguish and divide,
A hair, 'twist south and southwest side."

    Basket-ball - Senior team.

    One of the brightest boys in the class. On account of the knowledge of this fact, Francis is somewhat addicted to self-conceit. Spouts poetry at the least provocation. A willing and competent Record worker. Author of class play, and is quite an artist in this line. Has the "yaller socks" habit.


"To get thy ends lay bashfulness aside;
Who fears to ask doth teach to be denied."

    Quiet and unobtrusive. Doesn't go in for anything strenuous whatever. Favorite expression: "I beg your pardon" - which she uses between about every three words of any conversation.


"This flour of wifly patience." - Chaucer.

    A bright, cheerful girl who always has a kind word for everybody. Elsie is one of our quiet girls, but although she is, we all acknowledge that we would not know just how to get along without her. A good basket-ball player. Was class donor.


"Her voice was ever gentle and low - an excellent thing in a woman."

    Ruth has been with us only one year, but in that short time we have all learned to like her very much. When she first came to school, everything was new to her and Chester very kindly consented to look after her, and he continues to do so.


"It's guid to be merry and wise; it's quid to be honest and true."

    Basketball - Senior team.

    An accomplished orator. Is strong for French sight translations, which often are quite funny. Howard is a mighty fine boy and we all expect to hear great things of him. Was commencement speaker.


"Those about her - from her shall read the perfect ways of honor."

    A quiet, demure little miss - much given to using long and high-sounding phrases. A minister's daughter, but belies the statement that "ministers' children are the worst." Is ever ready to help and is an able and willing "Record" worker.


"The firm bearing of thy conscious tread."

    Our star basket-ball player and all 'round good girl. Has never been known to lose her temper, but is ever ready to help with a good word or kind deed. Is one of the very tall girls.


"What is your sex's earliest, latest care -
Your heart's supreme ambition? To be fair."

    Another pretty girl. Entertained the girls once and we sure never will forget that night. Very, very fond of Martins Ferry. One of the bunch who like to give "rarebit" parties.


"Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes -
Soft as her clime and sunny as the skies."

    One of our very pretty girls. Very popular with the boys. Had a splendid time at the sleigh ride. Is always bright and happy and for that reason is beloved by all, and by one in particular.