The High School Record

(Students in Class Pictures III)


"Bright gem, instinct with music, vocal spark."


    The song-bird of the class. Made a decided hit as "Betty" in the operetta. Has often delighted the school with vocal selections. Grace has been teased so many times about her "Leasure" hours, etc., that we won't say a word about that bum joke now.


"Laugh at your friends and if your friends are sore -
So much the better; you may laugh at them more."


    A great friend of Stella's. When she starts her "horse" laugh, one has to laugh in sympathy. Works with Stella in the laboratory and the way those two do work!


"Tall as a lamp post;
And a little mite thinner."

    First talked to a girl May 30, 1911. Very tall and exceedingly dignified. Is given to "grinding" somewhat. Has always blushed very easily, but we hope when Albert gets out into the world he will forget this charming accomplishment. Is ever ready to sing (?) a solo.


"I have more zeal than wit."

    Basket-ball - Senior team; football, '10.

    Always asks the wrong question at the wrong time. Generally after a lengthy discussion Cassius "wakes up" and asks the very question that started the discussion, much to the surprise of everyone around him. Ever ready to please; a hard worker and an all-round good fellow. Is quite skilled on the mandolin.


"His weighty sense,
Flows in fit words and heavenly eloquence."


    A most self-possessed and remarkable young man. His recitations often are the envy of the class. Quite a "fusser," but is a harmonizer in the hose and tie line. The boy who did everything he could, so as to be sent to the office - because it was much cooler down there.


"I am exceedingly well read."

    A very quiet girl with a quieter voice - if such a thing were possible. Appreciates a good joke, even if it is played on her. Expert stenographer and typist.


"Every why hath its wherefor."

    Basket-ball - Senior team.

    The question mark of the class. Has an unrivaled sense of humor, which shows itself in his wonderful "one sentence" essays, of which he has the sole patent. Has an affinity for rose-colored hose, which he insists upon sporting, much to the delight of his classmates.


"I was not born under a rhyming planet."

"Stell," "Inch."

    The very, very tall girl. Originator of the "inch" expression. Keeps everyone laughing during the second period, when she sings; and, by the way, can she sing? Well, you just ought to hear her! She writes very good stories for the "Record," and is one of its hard workers.


"Nowhere so busy a girl as she, there was;
And yet she seemed busier than she was."

    A girl who doesn't talk very often, but when she starts - oh, my! Was quite ill this winter and as a result - well, Anna's hair is coming in quite curly. A mighty nice girl.