Submitted by Glenna A. Dillon



Today we decided to find the "little old cemetery at the top of the hill above Boone & Hedges Road" which reportedly contained the actual burial place of Major Samuel McColloch.

We traveled up the North Fork of Short Creek, crossing over a bridge, until we came to a road off to the right - Boone & Hedges Road. This led up the hill, down the hill, approximately 6 or 7 miles and we saw no signs of a cemetery on the hill. We finally found a man cutting grass and interrupted him with our questions. He knew of a cemetery up on the hill, couldn't remember the name of it, but if we would turn in the next driveway to the right, go up the hill, stop at one of the houses there they could tell us as they owned the property where the cemetery was.

We did as we were told, stopped at the first house along the road, up this winding narrow, gravel road and Mr. John Stirewalt answered my ring at his door. He directed us to go "up the road a piece, you will see a lodge on the right, about 400 yards in back of the lodge, up the hill is the cemetery containing the tombstone of Major Sam McColloch and lots of Hedges."

Again, we followed directions to the vacant lodge where Ralph stayed in the car and I trudged up the hillside, stopping three times to catch my breath. Seeing no sign of a cemetery, but seeing a path not wide enough for a car, but wide enough for a 4-wheeler or for horses, as there was evidence of horses having being there. I followed this path and came across the tombstone of Major Samuel McColloch under a huge old tree, whose one particular branch would have been "ideal" to use to hang a man. This was the only stone I saw at first as everything was very overgrown. I then followed several of the cut-off paths hoping to find more stones. Not finding anything more, I returned to Major Sam's stone and started into the woods from there. I did find a stone for James McColloch and three others that were broken over and all writings were obliterated from age. As this area was full of weeds, especially poison ivy, I decided to go no further.

I took pictures of Major Sam's tombstone, one for Mrs. James McColloch and a view of the others in their present condition.


Grave of Rachel (Matthews), wife of James McColloch
They were married in Ohio County 26 Mar 1840.

Rather than go back the way we came, we followed Boone & Hedges Road to it's intersection with GC&P Road, which was at the Meadowlands Trailer Court. At this intersection is a large stone monument for Van Metre's Fort.

Glenna A. Dillon