Shallcross Monument, Mt. Wood Cemetery, Wheeling, W.Va.
(Photo by Linda Fluharty)

Buried in the Shallcross plot at Mt. Wood Cemetery:

Joseph L. Shallcross, b 1845, d 1861
Martha V. Shallcross, b 12 Oct 1838, d 14 Aug 1874
Emma C. Shallcross, b 15 Feb 1840, d 4 Aug 1840
Edgar A. Shallcross, b 1847, d 1851
Walter A. Shallcross, b 1856, d 1857
Sarah G. Shallcross, d 18 Jan 1891
Thomas P. Shallcross, d 15 Jul 1891 (age 73)
Sallie B. Shallcross, d 17 Mar 1892 (age 32)
Thomas P. Shallcross, d 23 Feb 1904 (age 50)
Henry Clay Shallcross, d 22 June 1922 (age 80?) Washington, D.C.; s/o Thomas

1850 Census, Ohio County, W.Va.
#1591 Shallcross
Thomas, 32-M, Post office agent, $2000, PA
Sarah G., 31-F, NJ
Martha V., 12-F, VA
Henry C., 9-M, VA
Thomas P., 7-M, VA
Joseph L., 5-M, VA
Edgar A., 3-M, VA
William, 1-M, VA
Robinson, Elizabeth, 31-F, MD
Robinson, Wishard, 7-F, OH
Warren, Catherine, 15-F, VA

Captain John Shallcross


By Geo. Atkinson & Alvaro F. Gibbens, A. M.
Published By W. L. Callin, Wheeling, W. VA., 1890, pages 794-797.

     For nearly half a century Col. Thomas P. Shallcross, of Wheeling, has been a remarkably successful United States Official, in a department eminently calling for cool courage, self-possession in extremities and a keen knowledge of human nature, whose work has extended throughout the United States and from Canada to Cuba. He came of a stock that would naturally furnish such a man. His *great- grandfather came from England to America in 1735, lived in "Penn's Woods" as a colonist, owning and living upon what became the historical battle ground of Germantown. The grandfather, John Shallcross, was a Revolutionary soldier, and the father, also John, was a United States soldier in the war of 1812, and married Sarah Dewees, of Pennsylvania, of which State the Shallcross family is among the very oldest.

     Thomas P., the subject of this sketch, was born in Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania, April 30, 1818* and educated in the Philadelphia school, taught by a faculty. His father died in 1832, and Thomas apprenticed himself to the hat manufacturing business. After serving his time, in 1835 he moved to Wheeling and took charge of the hat firm of Mr. O. Montcalm, retaining that position four years, when he formed a partnership with F.A. Brentlinger, in 1840, under the firm name of Brentlinger & Shallcross, in the auction and commission business, which continued until 1844. In 1845 Mr. Shallcross was appointed Deputy S. W. Marshal for the Western District of Virginia, under James Points, U. S. Marshal, continuing as such for many years, until the death of the latter. Mr. Ambler succeeded to the Marshalship, and requested Mr. Shallcross to continue deputy, which was declined. He was then appointed Special Agent of the Post Office Department, and continued in the office after the position was changed to Inspector, until June 30, 1884, when he resigned under the new incoming President.

     In all these years of delicate and dangerous work, Col. Shallcross retained especial confidence of the Government and his Department for his singular ability in tracing crime to and securing its perpetrators. He was never idle. Thousands of his successful cases are on the record of the Department, showing that he had recovered more money by thousands of dollars which had been robbed of it, two or three of which the writer has the privilege of giving.

     Many of our older residents will remember the then celebrated case of the robbery of the mail, from the coaches on the old National Turnpike, in anti-railroad days of 1845. The case was intricate, and well planned by clever heads to escape detection. But Col. Shallcross took hold of it, with others, he doing most of the tracing up; the parties were all arrested and suffered for their crime, except two that the State used as witnesses.

     In 1846 almost $100,000 of spurious notes on the Planters Bank of Tennessee, were successfully "shoved" in the purchase of cotton on the Alabama river, by one Capt. James W. Pollack, who by a show of the President's and cashier's signatures to a bank he claimed had been established at Wetumpka, Alabama, prevailed upon a Cincinnati engraver to engrave plates for its notes. These plates he had changed to the Planter's Bank, of Tennessee; had a large number of notes printed, counterfeited the signatures of that bank's officials, and used the money in his speculation.

     The ingeniousness and apparent security of the perpetrator made the case difficult. But Col. Shallcross unraveled its intricacies, arrested the shrewd captain and recovered the spurious plates, and delivered them to the Tennessee bank, and took his prisoner back to Alabama where he got a ten years' sentence.

     Many of us remember Gen. Otho Hinton (*see note 3 below), who in 1852 was General Manager of the Ohio Stage Company's Line of mail coaches, and hence possessing unusual advantages for the crime he committed that year in robbing the mail between Zanesville and Wheeling. The case was given to Col. Shallcross, who soon had his man arrested; but he gave bail, forfeited it and safely reached Cuba. The Colonel successfully tracked the wily General to his cigar factory on that Island and would have arrested him but for lack of an extradition treaty at that time. The U. S. Consul declined to advise his arrest. He afterwards went to Oregon, thence to the Sandwich Islands, where his death closed the case.

     In 1876, Capt. Charles Worms, a French Jew, went to Chicago as an ex-Union officer, representing himself as authorized by the Interior Department to negotiate contracts for Indian supplies and succeeded in getting William A. Newman, of that city, to place in Worms' hands an envelop containing #5,000 as security and directed it to President Grant. Worms sent him out for sealing wax to seal it, and while he was gone substituted a similar envelope containing only strips of paper. This was sealed and sent to Grant, and Worms fled with the cash to Canada. The Colonel traced him there, and with a photograph as his only aid--for he had never seen his man--readily picked Worms up, brought him back and he served a term in the penitentiary for the crime.

     In 1882, the people of Barbour and Randolph counties will remember, the celebrated secret society of "Red Men" was organized, for the ostensible purpose of punishing men who abused their families; but whose real purpose became robbery--first of private individuals and afterwards robbing the U. S. mail. The Colonel traced them up, got hold of the grip, passwords, etc., of the society, arrested its members and had three of them sent to the penitentiary. The trial at Clarksburg is well remembered as one of the most celebrated that ever occurred in the Court House.

     Space will not allow further cases; but these show his peculiar abilities in the work the Government so long entrusted him with.

     Col Shallcross was acting Deputy U.S. Marshall under Mr. Sehon from 1885 to 1889, since which date he has retired from public life and resides in Wheeling.

     Besides his Federal service the Colonel was City Sergeant of Wheeling from 1845 to 1849, and served in the City Council 13 years; he was also Superintendent of the West Virginia Penitentiary from 1871 to 1873.

     In 1837 he married Miss Sarah G. Lord, daughter of Joseph Lord, of New Jersey. She and eleven children are still living.

Note 1* His great-great-grandfather, Leonard Shallcross, came from England in about 1700. His great-Grandfather, also named Leonard Shallcross was born in Pensylvania.

Note 2* The bible record gives his birth year as 1817.

Note 3* Charles Christian, Tour Docent and Civil War specialist at Santa Rosa California Rural Cemetery, wrote to say: "We are fairly well convinced that he is buried in a unmarked grave in our rural cemetery and his wife, Rebecca, is believed to be with him at his feet. He is in the same plot as his nurse of many years, Katy Sawyer, who he named as a faithful and very long time nurse. He was a good citizen and a city benefactor here for some years. We surmise he was hiding out from his "death" in the Sandwich Islands. I am in the process soon of using my new dowsing rods to establish there is a male and a female in the locations I have already spotted with my home made rods recently." - Mr. Christian has communicated with family members, some of whom have written articles on the life of Otho Hinton, who who called himself Brigadier General Otho Hinton. It includes research in Ohio and all the places where Otho 'lived' while he was 'on the run.'

Submitted by Marion Unkle Shallcross


Marriage records, Clerks Office, Ohio County Court House, Wheeling, West Virginia.

Marriage Certificate, Marriage Record Book No. 18, page 259, a record of the marriage of Charles W. Cowan to Anna R. Shellcross. Married - 27 June 1888

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DAR Library, Washington, District of Columbia
1900 Census, Ohio County, W. Va.
Center Magisterial, Precinct #1
4 June 1900
Microfilm Roll No. 1768
Supv. Dist. No. 289 - Sheet No. 3
Enum. Dist. No.110 - line Page No. 13

Harry Shellcross*
Boarder, W, Male
Month of Birth - May, Year of Birth - 1875
Age - 25, Single
Place of Birth - Kansas
Place of Birth of Father - W. VA. - Place of Birth of Mother - Kansas
Occupation - Rail Rd. New Agt.
Reads, writes, and speaks English.

DAR Library, Washington, District of Columbia
1900 Census, Ohio county, W. Va.
Pricinct 4, Clay District, Wheeling City 3rd Ward.
Microfilm Roll No. 1768
4 June 1900
Supv. District No. 1 Sheet No. 3 - Enum. Dist. No. 117
House No. - R1 - Dwelling 48 - Family No. 51

Jessie Shallcross, * Head of the Family, W, Male
Month of Birth - April, Year of Birth - 1869
Age 31, Married four years, no children
Place of Birth - W. Va.
Place of Birth of Father - W. VA. - Place of Birth of Mother - W. Va.
Occupation - Expressman

Anna Shallcross,* Wife, W, Female
Month of Birth - July, Year of Birth - 1874
Age 25, Married 4 years, no children
Place of Birth - W.Va.
Place of Birth of Father - W. Va. - Place of Birth of Mother - W. Va.

(*Note - Harry and Jesse Shallcross are the sons of Henry Clay Shallcross and the grandsons of Col. Thomas Paul Shallcross and *Anna Shallcross, nee, Biggs is the wife of Jesse Shallcross and the daughter of James H. Biggs and his wife Mary E. Biggs, nee, Ewing.)


Wheeling City Directories - Col. Thomas Paul Shallcross and his family Found in Ohio County Library, Wheeling, West Virginia, "Wheeling Room"

Page 60 - 1839 Directory
Shallcroft, Thos, 3rd Ward. * (Business).

Page 76 - 1851 Directory
Shallcross, Thomas P. ag't P.O. departm't 166 Main

Page 173 - 1856-'57 Directory
     Millinery Store, 166 Main csb Union and Madison
     Bonnet and Fancy Store, 166 Main

Page 100 ( S ) - 1859 Directory for 1859-60
Shallcross & Terry, Omnibus Proprietors,
office 8 Monroe, stables corner Madison and Market
Shallcross T. P., Mail Agent, house, 164 Main
Shallcross Mrs. S. G., Bonnet Store, 164 and 166 Main

Pages 142 &143 - 1859 Directory for 1859-60
Business Directory

Shallcross, Mrs. S. G., 164 and 166 Main
Shallcross & Terry, 8 Monroe

Page 162 - (SHE) - 1864 Directory
Shallcross & Terry, (T.P.S. & Wm.D.T.)
Wheeling Omnibus Co. 6 McLure Bldg.
Shallcross T. P. (S & Terry,)
h s s Jefferson b Main and Market

Page 197 - (SHE) - 1867 Directory for 1867-'8
Shallcross Henry C - deputy collector of Internal Revenue,
res 'Thos. P. Shallcross'
Shallcross James P. bklayer, h n s Zane b 5th and 6th
SHALLCROSS & TERRY, (Thomas P. S. & Wm D. T.)
Proprietors Wheeling Omnibus Line, s e c Monroe and Market:
Geo. Fricker, Superintendent
SHALLCROSS THOMAS P., (S & Terry) Collector of Internal Revenue;
Office, 29 Monroe, Up Stairs;
h s s Jefferson b Main and Market

Pages 248 & 249 - Sheppard's Wheeling Directory for 1875 and 1876
Shallcross Miss Annie, bds 20 9th.
Shallcross Elwood, salesman, bds 20 9th.
Shallcross Henry, manager, Wheeling Omnibus Line, 1200 Market.
Shallcross T. P., Jr, (T.P. Shallcross & Son,) res. 20 9th.
Shallcross T. P. SR. (T.P.Shallcross & Son) res 20 9th.
Shallcross T. P. & Son, omnibus line, cor. 9th & Market.
Shallcross, Thos. P., Millinery and notions, 1067 Main, res. 20 9th.
(Note - Street Directory)
Sheppard's Wheeling Directory - page 9,
Ninth, (Jefferson) east from the river.

Pages 173 & 174 - 1789 Directory
Shallcross Elwood W., clerk, boards 20 Ninth.
Shallcross Henry C., agent Wheeling Omnibus Line, residence 817 Market.
SHALLCROSS THOS. P. & Co., Wheeling Omnibus and Transfer Line,
901 to 905 Market.
Shallcross Thos. P of Thomas P. Shallcross & Co., res 20 Ninth.
Shallcross Thomas P. Jr., clerk, boards 20 Ninth.

1880 Directory - For 1880-81.
Shallcross Alfred P., manager Wheeling Omnibus and Transfer Co.,
office 901 Market, residence 635 Market.
Shallcross Miss Annie R, boards 20 9th.
Shallcross Fred. B., teamster, boards 740 1/2 Market.
Shallcross Harry A, billposter, boards 740 1/2 Market.
Shallcross Henry C., transfer and exp., residence 740 1/2 Market.
Shallcross Miss Sallie B, boards 20 9th.
Shallcross Thos. P., Deputy U. S. Marshal, office Custom House;
also prop'r Wheeling Omnibus and Transfer Co., res. 20 9th.
Shallcross Thos. P., Jr., boards 20 9th.

1880 Directory For 1880-81

(*Note this Hotel belonged to Thomas P. Shallcross and Frank Walters)

Wheeling City Directories, Ohio County Library, Wheeling W. Va. "Wheeling Room"

1896 - Page 497 (Sha)
Shallcross, H. C., baggage Transfer, office
res. St. Charles Hotel.
Shallcross, Jessie, expressman
bds. 1220 Chapline 2nd floor

1898 - 1899
Page 536 (Sha)
Shallcross, H. C., baggage Transfer, office
res. St. Charles Hotel
Shallcross Jessie P., expressman res.
1218 Chapline, 2nd Floor.

1903 - 1904
Page ? (Sha),
Shallcross, Jessie P. Shallcross, Adv. agent Court Theatre
bds/ 1138 Chapline

1904 - 1905
Page 580
Shallcross, Archie, wks, Burns and Church Co.
bds. 40 11th.
Shallcross, Jessie P., Adv. agt. Court Theatre
res. 40 11the St. 2nd Floor

1905 - 1906
Page 717
(Shallcross not listed)

1907 - 1909
Page 543
Shallcross, Jessie P., Adv. agent Court Theater
res. 1214 Chapline
Shallcross, Mrs. Laura (widow)
bds. 1339 McCollock

1909 - 1910
Page 565
Shallcross, Jessie P., Adv. agent
res. 1214 Chapline

1910 - 1912 (Callins Wheeling City Directory)
Page 587 (Sha)
Shallcross Jessie P., Adv. Agent Apollo Theatre
res. 1214 Chapline

S. C. WILSON, Prop'r.
This Hotel was erected in 1878, for the purpose of filling a long felt
want in this city in the way of a


For parties desiring to be removed from the smoke, heat and dust of the city during the warm summer months. THE HOTEL IS DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED, about TWO MILES EAST OF THE CITY, on the line of the Wheeling and Elm Grove Railway. The grounds attached embrace an area of about ten acres. The building is fine and spacious, constructed on the most approved modern style of architecture, and surrounded on every side by the loveliest natural scenery.

THE UNRIVALLED HEALTHINESS OF THE LOCALITY, the pure country air, and facilities for out-door games, exercises and amusements offer advantages seldom found in this locality.

THE HOTEL IS EASY OF ACCESS, being conveniently reached by the Elm Grove Railway or by the National Road.

Parties desiring to spend a pleasant Sunday in the country can avail themselves at the Hotel, as special arrangements are made to this end.

Special rates made for parties boarding all the year around. Address, S. C. WILSON, Proprietor.

C (?): Telephonic communication with the city. 39

Page 386 - W. L. Callin's Wheeling City Directory
Supplement for 1885-1889
Shallcross Miss Annie R., boards 20 9th
Shallcross Alfred P., wks, Wheeling Omnibus Co., boards 20 9th
Shallcross Sallie B., boards 20 9th.
SHALLCROSS THOS. P. (Wheeling Omnibus Co.),
Special Agent Post office Department, residence 20 9th
SHALLCROSS & WALTERS, (T. P. Shallcross and Frank Walters),
native wine growers, National Road, 2 miles east.
Shallcross Ellwood W., solictor Sat. Evening Journal, bds 20 9th.
Shallcross Henry C., city bill poster, residence 825 Market.
Shallcross Thos. P., Jr., clerk, boards 20 9th.

Directory - For 1888
Shallcross Alfred P., (Shallcross & Green), also manager Wheeling
Omnibus & Transfer Co., residence 635 Market.
Shallcross Miss Claudia, boards 87 S. Front.
Shallcross & Green, (Alfred P. Shallcross and George Green),
Horseshoers, 1007 Market.
Shallcross Isaac T., engineer, boards 1032 Market.
Shallcross Thos. P., ex- U. S. Marshal, prop'r Wheeling Omnibus
and Transfer Co., residence 20 9th.

Page 466 - Callins Wheeling Directory - For 1888
Shallcross, Henry, 825 Market.


Births from the Clerks Office Ohio County Court House, Wheeling West Va.

Ohio County , West Virginia, Birth Certificates (not required until-1923)

Year - 1853
Name - Shallcross, Elbert W.
Volume 1, Page 6, line # 36
Date of Birth - 21 June 1853

Elwood (Elbert) Willson, son of Thomas Paul and Sarah G. Shallcross

Year - 1862
Name - Alfred Paul Shallcross
Volume 1, pg. 132, line #310
Date of Birth - 3 August 1862

Alfred Paul Shallcross, son of Thomas P. and Sarah G. Shallcross