Wheeling`s German Singing Societies


Submitted by Mary Staley.


       Wheeling German singing Societies played a major role in supporting the City’s theaters and concert life.

       From 1895-1917 the Arion, Mozart, and Beethoven were Wheeling three active singing Societies, and all three were quite strong. During this period old animosities were forgotten, and the Societies often cooperated in such events as the 1906 Central Saengerfest, which was held in the Court Theatre. Social distinctions determined society memberships. Prosperous businessmen, bankers, and professionals joined the Arion, working men and craftsmen joined the Beethoven: South Wheeling employees of the Schmulbach Brewery and their associates joined the Mozart. World War 1 brought an abrupt end to the German emphasis in Wheeling cultural and social life, and the only the Beethoven managed to survive the effects of the War.


List of the members of the Beethoven Singing Society,  June 1901


Beethoven Singing Society


President- Jacob Korn

Sec-Gustav Roeder

Director- Edward Blumenberg


Blumenberg, Jul.

Hannig, Franz

Hohn, Martin

Korn, Joseph

Muller, Peter

Quanz, Louis

Schramm, A.A.

Weiskirchen, C.

Braun, Louis

Drebus, M.

Fauth, Emil

Fedlemeyer, John

Kling, Adam

Muenze, Heinrich

Scbramm, George

Tunt, Karl

Finck, George

Frohme, H.

Riedel, Franz

Riedel, Ernst

Roeder, Gust

Schnepf, Fred

Strauss, Peter

Bickmeyer, Karl

Diesch, Paul

Friebertshausen, A.

Knierim, Louis

Korn, Jacob

Mugge, Jacob

Quanz, August.