From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     The Wheeling community owes much to the splendid foresight and unsurpassed generosity of Wilbur E. Stone, outstanding civic leader and bead of the firm of Stone and Thomas, the largest department store in West Virginia. For nearly forty years there has been no important communal, charitable or patriotic movement in the Wheeling district that has lacked Mr. Stone's most influential support in direction, time and means.
     While developing the greatest retail business in West Virginia, Mr. Stone has always found opportunity to advance the general interests of Wheeling in every sound way. With Hon. George A. Laughlin, he organized the Wheeling Board of Trade, promoted the Market Auditorium and Board of Trade buildings and the Glennova Improvement enterprise, which is now the thriving Warwood section. He was largely instrumental in the re-organization of the Wheeling Mold and Foundry and the Wheeling Axle Company. He was the guiding spirit in the formation of the Wheeling Improvement Association and the Ohio Valley Industrial Corporation, which have meant so much to the industrial and social betterment of the community, and is president of the latter.
     Many of Mr. Stone's activities have been concerned with broad civic and moral advancement. He is an officer of the Thompson M. E. Church, and a very liberal supporter of this prominent religious center. He was mainly responsible for the acquirement of Municipal Park, and its conversion into one of the most spacious and delightful public playgrounds and golf courses in the nation. He has also provided a large fund for the systematic beautification of the City of Wheeling, and was one of the principal forces in the re-creation of Linsly Institute, a famous college preparatory school and now endowed for higher technical and junior college instruction. Mr. Stone's cash benefactions run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The benefit of his leadership in large public affairs, and his deep sincerity of purpose, cannot be estimated.
     Mr. Stone was born in Wheeling, December 29, 1863, and now lives in Orchard Terrace, Woodsdale. He is president of the Security Trust Company, and a director of many business enterprises. Always an active Republican, he was that party's nominee for elector-at-large in the campaign of 1920, and received the largest vote of the election. He is a member of the Fort Henry, Wheeling Country, and Hampshire (Romney, W. Va.) clubs.