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     Below will be found a complete list of the Traitors and Rebels of Wheeling, Va., who voted May 23, 1861 for the infamous Ordinance of Secession, adopted by the usurpers in the Richmond, Va., Convention.

John Hunter, formerly of Steubenville, Ohio
Nicholas Crawley, Grocer, Market Square.
J. W. Mitchell, Lawyer
George Wheller, clerk under John M'Collo. of Co. Court
Eugene Zane, son of Ebenezer Zane, deceased
R. A. Stansbury, son of Job Stansbury
John H. Towers, clerk with Thomas Hughes.
Aaron Kelly, Nail Factory, Benwood
John Knote, Saddler, Main street.
Edmund P. Zane, Lawyer
Aber Keyes, clerk with Thomas Hughes
Dr. Alfred Hughes, brother of Thomas Hughes.
Coorod Goldsborough
A. F. Hullihen, Dentist.
T. E. Askew Confectioner
James M. Bulger, Coffee House
Thomas Hughes, Clothing House
Charles W. Seabright, clerk with T. Hughes
Rodolph Over
Wm. Wharton
Michael Riley, Grocer and Liquors, Market & Monroe sts.
J. B. Riley, clerk with M. Riley
John W. Orr, shoemaker from Washington, Pa.
J. Updegraft, Steamboat man
John Freeze, Steamboat Captain.
J. L. Faunce, from Smithfield, Ohio
John L. Maxwell, Clerk
Ira Sanger, a New Yorker
Ebenezer McCoy, botanic doctor.
Walter G. Scott, carpenter
Wm. Miller, foundry, near creek bridge
Robert Ibertson, Grocer corner Market and Union sts
John Bulger, Saddler
W. B. Miller, foundry, creek bridge.
John Webb
Wm. Goudy, sr., carpenter
James Sweeney, sr., brick maker
Joseph Caulwell
William C. Phillips
Phillip W. Moore, Editor Union
Tom Strain
Jerome Pool, coffee house, Washington Hall
J. H. McNash, formerly of Bosley & McNash
Thomas M. Riley, M.Riley's son
Phil Riley, M.Riley's son
John L. Bonham, firm of Matthews & Bonham
James Hanlin, South Wheeling
Dr. James W. Clemins
Miles Riley, drayman
Andrew White, clerk North Western Bank
Peter Letcher, Catholic Bookseller, Washington Hall
Henry Dunlap
Henry Moore, from Washington, Pa.
George Henry, cigar maker
Jobe Stansbery, sexton East Wheeling graveyard
Andy A. Gillespy
A. M. Phillips, Jr.
Harrison Saylards
Thos. J. Gardner, lumber merchant, North Wheeling
H. W. Phillips, Machinist and Foundry North Wheeling
C. W. McKinstry
A. M. Phillips, Sr.
A. J. Pannell, Lumber Merchant, near Custom House
W. G. Goshorn
Alexander Pannell, carpenter
Daniel Steenrod, Esq.
Hon. Lewis Steenrod
Wm. P. Wilson, boat builder, firm Wilson, Dunlevy & Co.
John W. Betz
William Stewart, foundry
Maddis Ruse
Dan Dunbar, Engineer
Wm. MCoy, Cashier of Savings Institute.
Daniel Zane, (Island)
John L. Fry, son of J. L. Fry
D. J. Dores
Peter Francis
S. D. Woodrow (Note: Linda Fluharty owns images of this man & family.)
William Switzer
William Purcell
William Otterson, Railroad stone mason