1st Row (L - R) Wilma Thomann, Baird Kloss, Eleanor (Roller) Peyton, Lois (Wear) Jack, Betty (Chiazza) Petri, Helen (Eskey) Park, Anna Lee (Bryson) Gyekis, Vera (Thornburg) Sprowls, Arthur McFarland

2nd Row (L - R) Wanda (Dytko) Kozicki, Joanne (Neuhart) Peyton, Joan (Zoeckler) Griffin, Georgia (Owens) McKee, Dorothy (Rinkes) Totterdale, Shirley (Doubleday) Baker, Marie Pinto, Jessie (McClement) Hartlieb

3rd Row (L - R) Calderwood Boyd, Lois (Stegner) Williams, Sarah Catherine (Weeks) Nickerson, Bob Moore, Grace (Hunter) Kovach, Betty (Dixon) Davis, Dorothy (Hohman) Griffith, Bill Koehnline

4th Row (L - R) Jim Buchanan, John Morrow, Jim Hetherington, Paul McGinnis, Ray Harmon

5th Row (L - R) Nello Antonucci, Harry Peyton

Photo provided by Bob Moore, Class of '44.

THE TRIAD... 1944
(Seniors only)

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(Not a complete list.)

Marion (Albert) Woods; Roberta (Atkinson) Whiteman; Suzanne (Bacorn) Start; Wanda (Baron) Nelson; Alverna (Berisford) Carnahan; Alma (Besco) Ashton; Betty Lou (Bippus) Donovan; Pauline (Bogard) Smith; Anna Mae (Bowman) Frye; Anna Lee (Bryson) Gyekis*; Bonnie (Burge) Webnar; Isabel (Carlisle) Robinson; Betty (Chiazza) Petri; Edith (Clark) Ross; Eleanor (Clevinger) Orum; Anne (Colvig) Schulte; Eleanor Mae (Cook) Ganoe; Jocelyn Cooper; Zona Mae (Craig) Daugherty; Wanda (Cross) Clark; Norma (Danford) Mormanis; Rosalia (DiCesare) Viola; Betty Jean (Dixon) Davis; Shirley (Doubleday) Baker; Vivian M. (Douglas) Anderson; Elaine (Dye) Brown; Wanda (Dytko) Kozicki; Helen (Eskey) Park; Dorothy (Etchison) Davis; Katherine (Fisher) Lee; Betty Ann (Gardner) Woodruff; Margaret "Peggy" (Gideon) Burton; Jean Ann (Grimes) Hunter; Morley (Groppe) Norman; Nina Hadden; Betty (Hartlieb) Burris; Barbara (Hast) Sonnenburg; Elsie (Hatcher) Hardcastle; Wilma (Hercules) Dunkel; Martha Lee (Hildebrand) Williamson; Marjorie (Hill) Werner; Ruth (Hofreuter) DeBlasis; Dorothy (Hohman) Griffith; Grace (Hunter) Kovach; Isabelle (Jones) Bell; Marjorie (Keller) Gwennap; Grace (Kendall) Bogumil; Rose Marie (Kennen) Dayton; Roxanna (Kimmins) O'Conner; Dorothy Klug; Lottie (Kolodzi) Drotos; Emily (Kummers) Wilcox; Catherine (Lauffer) Bennett; Jean (Laupp) Thomas; Sylvia (Martin) Dimmerling; Jessie (McClement) Hartlieb; Lois (McCloy) Knight; Mary Ann (McCombs) Cook; Audrey (McGregor) Lee; Helen (Mirandy) Fondas; Betty Jean (Moore) Hendrickson; Joanne (Neuhart) Peyton; Hazel (O'Conner) Miller; Betty (Orner) Boyd; Mary (Orr) Wille; Elma (Orth) Long; Georgia (Owens) McKee; Helen Marr (Pedicord) Cravens*; Marie Pinto; Esther (Reed) Zarin; Dorothy (Rinkes) Totterdale; Veria (Rivlin) Weinburg; Alice (Rogers) Brown; Eleanor (Roller) Peyton; Mary Alice (Russell) Neely; Ruth (Schafer) Burroughs; Jean (Schlesinger) Konigsberg; Sarah Jane (Scotchell) Nooe; Dorothy (Seabright) Steele; Dorothy (Shinsky) Zmavec; Catherine (Shorts) Maxwell; Mary Jane (Smith) Cummings; Lois (Stegner) Williams; Beverly Stewart Millick; Alma (Stricklin) Scoular; Wilma Thomann; Vera (Thornburg) Sprowls; Ruth (Thorne) McKee; Erna (Trautman) Atkinson; Maude (Villee) Bougher; Mary Helen (Vogler) Donley; Jane (Walker) Skogley; Peggy (Watenpool) McGreal; Lois June (Wear) Jack; Sarah Catherine (Weeks) Nickerson; Claire Ann (Wheeler) Newlin; Ann (Zoeckler) Thompson; Joan (Zoeckler) Griffin

*Not in TRIAD yearbook

Email - July 25, 2011: I ran across the 1944 Triad yearbook from Triadelphia High School on the internet and was extremely surprised to see my Dad, Angus Smith along with your email address. To give you an update, in case you have not heard after all these years, Daddy died in January 1980 from complications of colon problems. He loved telling me about his high school days and his life in Wheeling. We visited every year through the 1950's and 60's as my grandfather and Aunt Mary Louise Class of 1937 or 38, Aunt Evelyn Class of 1941 more or less and Uncle Robert younger than Daddy, where still there. I believe they all went to Triadelphia. Aunt Mary Louise died in August of 2000, Aunt Evelyn died March of 1999 and Uncle Robert in October 1998. They never had any children so I'm the only child of the family. Boy was I spoiled. HA HA! Even though they lived in Roswell, GA they all still loved Elm Grove and Wheeling and never ever forgot their roots. Take care and God Bless! Anna Smith Westbrook.

Class of 1944

This photo, provided by Bob Moore, is from the 68th Reunion of the Class of 1944.

Left to right: Wilma Thoman, Bill Koehline, Joan Zoeckler, Anna Lee Bryson, Palmer Ulman, Marie Pinto, Paul McGinnis, Eleanor Peyton, Betty Dixon, Lois Wear, Jessie McClement, Jim Heatherington, Baird Kloss, Georgia Owens, Betty Chiazza, Robert Moore - (These are the women's maiden names.)

Class of 1944

This photo, provided by Bob Moore, is from the 71st Reunion of the Class of 1944.

Seated (L - R) Anna Lee Bryson Gykes, Ester Reed Zarin, Dorothy Shinsky Zmavec, Georgia Owens McKee, Eleanor Roller Peyton.

Standing (L - R) Baird Kloss, Robert Moore, Betty Dixon Davis, Joan Zoeckler Griffin, Marie Pinto.

Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty