From: West Virginians
Published by The West Virginia Biographical Association, 1928

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

     For a number of years John O. Tucker, now general sales manager of the Wheeling Steel Corporation, has been engaged in important work as a sales executive. He was appointed to his present position in January, 1926. Mr. Tucker is a native of Oak Park, Illinois, born February 27, 1888, son of John and Jennie Jane (Pearson) Tucker. On graduation from Oak Park High School he was awarded a scholarship in agriculture at the University of Illinois, but realized after some experience with farm work at the university that such a career was not to his tastes, and discontinued his studies.
     In 1906 he became associated with Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, one of Chicago's oldest and largest steel jobbing firms, with whom he worked thirteen years, advancing to the position of sales manager of the St. Louis office. He resigned that connection in 1919, when he became district sales manager at Detroit for the La Belle Iron Works of Syeubenville, Ohio, which was merged with the Wheeling Steel Corporation in 1920. Mrs. Tucker remained sales manager in Detroit until June, 1925, when he was appointed assistant general sales manager of the Wheeling Steel Corporation at Wheeling. On January 1, 1926, he was made general Sales Manager. The great importance nationally of the Wheeling Steel Corporation makes his one of the responsible positions in West Virginia industry.
     Mr. Tucker is a member of the American Iron & Steel Institute, American Society of Automotive Engineers, Detroit Athletic Club, Fort Henry Club of Wheeling, Wheeling Country Club, Cedar Rocks Country Club and the Rotary Club of Wheeling. He was also a member of the War Industries Board, St. Louis Division.
     He was married, December 2, 1916, to Miss Lucy M. Breed, daughter of the late R. E. Breed, formerly chairman of the board of directors of the American Gas & Electric Company of New York City.
     Home: Hawthorne Court. Office: Wheeling Steel Corporation Building.