Ohio County, West Virginia Will Abstracts


Anonymously contributed.



James LEPER 17 Sep 1776

Bequeathed to: Wife Margaret, and children.

Witnessed: John Gebby, Mary O. Brownlee, Jenit Gebby, and Archibald Brownlee.

Executor: Margaret Leper.

Note: Children not named.


Thomas NEWBERRY 18 May 1777

Bequeathed to: George McCollock Jr., George McCollock Sr., Jane McCollock and Silas McCollock.

Witnessed: Chas Wells, Joseph Wells and Edward Perins.

Executor: George McCollock Sr.

Note: Relationships not stated.


Gabriel COX 06 Jun 1778

Bequeathed to: Wife Elenor. Sons David, Isreal, and Peter. Daughters Mary Ann Spencer,

Margaret McCoy, and Diana Cox.

Witnessed: John McCormick, Corns McEntire and William Howey. Executor: Israel Cox, Charles Willis.

Note: Peter Cox received farm on the waters of Buffalo.


Samuel WHITE 09 Aug 1778

Bequeathed to: Wife Jemima, Elizabeth Mekk and Martha Rollins.

Witnessed: Zachariah Sprigg, Andrew

Fouts and George McCollock. Executor: Issac Meek.

Note: Negro girl Phyllis named. No relations stated.


Thomas WORTHINGTON 09 Aug 1778

Bequeathed to: Daughters Catharine, Mary Ann and Elizabeth. Sons Edward, Henry and William.

Son-in-law Jacob Reager.

Witnessed: Ebenezer Zane, Samuel Mason, Valentine Thomas Dalton. Executor: Jacob Reager.

Note: Requested in Will to be buried next to deceased wife, Ann Worthington.


Conrad WHEAT 14 March 1781

Bequeathed to: Wife Margaret. Sons Conrad and Jacob. Daughters Margaret Hellibrand and Molly.

Grandson Martin Coons.

Witnessed: James Lane and Alex Fraser.

Executor: Conrad Wheat and Jacob Wheat.

Note:  Mr. Ebenexer Zane appointed guardian of portion of estate given to Martin Coons

son of Molly.


William McENTIRE 27 Dec 1782

Bequeathed to: Wife Elizabeth and children.

Witnessed: Brice Virgin, Mathew Markland and Joseph Clark.

Executor: Nicholas McEntire and Col. David Shepard.

Note: William McEntire’s Will recorded in Ohio county VA, but state he was of the county

of Washington, State of PA. Further states: my father and father-in-law Nicholas McEntire

and Col. David Shepard to be executors. Children not named.


Edward ROBINSON 12 Jan 1783

Bequeathed to: Sons Aaron and Edward. Daughter Mary.

Witnessed: Edward Jones, James Peavice and Henry Foster.

Executor: Aaron Robinson.

Note: 800 acres bordering James Millers land.


William ROBARDS 28 Aug 1783

Bequeathed to: George McCollock all my estate, real and personal.

Witnessed Johathan Gam, Sarah McCollock and Ebenesor Zane.

Executors: John and Abraham McCollocks.

Note: Relationships not stated.


Yates CONWELL 15 Oct 1783

Bequeathed to: My wife. To Jehu Conwell, William Conwell and Rachel Tomson.

Witnessed: Silas Zane, James McMechen and Henry Smith. Executor: Jenu Conwell.

Note: Wife not named. Relationships not stated. Conwell owned property in Sussex

county Delaware. Jehu Conwell stated to be of Westmoreland county, no state named.


George SMITH 30 May 1785

Bequeathed to: Wife Marcilus. Sons Phillip and Henry. Daughter Marclius Copen.

Witnessed: Hex Dunn and Robert Edgar.

Executor: Marclius Smith and Philip Smith.

Note: States my three children.


James SMITH 05 Dec 1785

Bequeathed to: wife Elenor.

Witnessed: Inos McDonald, Christian Jenkins, Stephen I. Francis and Mary Francis.

Executor: Elenor Smith.

Note: States I, James Smith of Washington county, State of PA. I, William Smith heir to James Smith,

Relinquishes interest in estate to Elenor Smith, wife of James Smith deceased.


Conrad STROUP 31 May 1786

Bequeathed to: Wife Margaret. Sons Henry and John. Daughters, Margaret, Susannah, Sarah,

Catherine and Elizabeth.

Witnessed: John Caldwell, John Boggs and John McConell.

Executor: Margaret Stroup.

Note: Will proved March 1787


Jacob JOHNSTON 29 Nov 1786

Bequeathed to: Wife Susannah. Sons David and Thomas. To girls. Witnessed: Samuel Osburne and

Uriah Wilson.

Executor; Thomas Wilson and Susannah Johnston.

Note: States four sons, eldest David, two sons and daughters not named.


David CHAMBERS 12 Mar 1787

Bequeathed: Wife: Sarah. Daughters: Mary, and Margaret. Sons: Joseph, John, Samuel and


Witnessed: Gabriel Blankeney, George McCormicke, Alexander Cunningham and Andrew Swearingen.

Executors: William McCollouch and John Twede both of Hopewell Township, Washington county,


Note: David Chambers states he is of Hopewell township, Washington, Pennsylvania, but all the

lands mentioned in his Will are specified in Ohio county, Virginia on the waters of Short Creek.

All but one of the children named in his Will were under the age of twenty one. Estate was settled

09 September 1795.


Moses WILLIAMSON Sr. 8 Apr 1789

Bequeathed to: Wife Jeanny . Sons John, and Thomas. Other children. Grand child Jane Williamson.

Witnessed: David Shepherd, Dixon Huston, and John VanCruskiah. Executor: Moses Chapline.

Note: Other children not named.


Charles BILDERBACH 05 May 1789

Bequeathed to: Wife. Son Ephriam. Little daughter, and unborn child. Witnessed: Thomas

Bilderbach, and William Stuart.

Executor: John Henderson and Ephraim Bilderbach Sr.

Note: Will written in case he didn’t return from long and dangerous journey. Will proved March

1790. Daughter not named. Son Ephriam a minor. Wife not named.


Nicholas DAWSON 13 Jan 1790

Bequeathed to: Wife Violet.

Witnessed: Thomas Bond, Robert Andrews and Benjamin Robins. Executor: Violet Dawson, and

William Swearingen.

Note: Names father George Dawson, deceased. Mother living, but not named.


Mathias AULT 22 Feb 1790

Bequeathed to: Wife Elizabeth. Step sons, Philip Hup, and Lazarus Rhyne. Step daughter Elizabeth

Smith, and step grand daughter Elizabeth Fisher.

Witnessed: Hizariah Dun, and Robert Edgar.

\ Executor: Henry Smith.

Note: Stated all my Patented lands to stepson Lazarus Rhyne for good cause.


Benjamin HAMMITT 06 Apr 1790

Bequeathed to: Wife. Son James. Daughter Rhoda and younger children.

Witnessed: Henry Gass, Jacob Lash, and William Hammitt.

Executor: Ruth Hammitt, and John McCollock.

Note: Younger children not named.


Derreck C. H. HOGLAND 16 Apr 1790

Bequeathed to: Wife Elizabeth. Daughters: Mercy, Mary, Rebecca, Catharine, Elizabeth, Cynthia.

and likewise to Ortha. Sons Issac, and Richard.

Executors: Issac Meek, and James Hogland.

Witnessed: Andrew Archbold, Joshua Meek , John I. Stone Sr. and Samuel Stone.

Note. Appointed friend Issac Meek to convey to John Stoneman Sr a parcel of land.


James SMITH 15 Nov 1790

Bequeathed to: Wife. Sons Henry, Thomas and James.

Witnessed: Richard Yeats, Robert Forbes and Robert Giffin.

Executor: Henry Smith.

Note: Names Henry as Eldest son. Wife not named.

John PATTERSON 01 Jun 1791

Bequeathed to: Wife: Mary. Two sons, Joel, and Robert. Three daughters, Sarah, Agnes and


Witnessed: Ezekiah Dunn and Rachel Dunn.

Executor: Wife Mary, and George Knox, Esq.

Note: Made reference to his wife possessing his mansion or dwelling house.


William COWAN 03 May 1792

Bequeathed to: Wife Jane. Brothers: Alexander Cowan, John Cowan and Hugh Cowan. Sisters:

Elendor C. Rankin and Georgia Camble. Nephew, William Cowan son of Alexander. Niece

Jean Cowan.

Witnessed: James Ewing, Andrew Janard and John Breasors.

Executor: Hugh Cowan.

Note: Life time lease given to wife Jane.


Samuel NAILOR 28 May 1792

Bequeathed to: Wife Mary. Sons James and Benjamin, my other children.

Witnessed: Robert Marchland and James Steen.

Executor: Sons James Nailor and Benjamin Nailor.

Note: Other children not named. Property lines of James Steen and McNit mentioned.


Henry Hardy WILLCOXTON 22 Aug 1792

Bequeathed to: Wife Toccastos Willcoxton. Nephew Antony Willcoxton and brother John Wilcoxton.

Witnessed: Jacob Wicoff, William Williamson and John Shivey. Executor Toccastos and John Wilcoxton.

Note: Negro girl Nell and Negro boy Nel named.


Samuel BRUCE 01 Mar 1793

Bequeathed to: Wife Rebecca. Son John, Thomas and Stephen. Daughters Rachel and Mary.

Witnessed: Joshua Howard, James Mc McClean, Frances Hardesty and Richard Power.

Executor: Rachel Bruce and Samuel Dunlap.

Note: States of Buffalo settlement, Ohio county, VA. Leases land to Francis Hardesty and

Patrick McGavin .


Vann SWEARINGAN 05 Nov 1793

Bequeathed to: Wife Elenor. Sons Elzey and Zachariah. Daughter Drusilla Brady. Grandsons,

Vann Brady and John Brady. My wife’s three children Vann Swearingan, Thomas Swaringan

and Lucy Swearingan, my son Vann, my daughter Lucy Swearingan, my son Thomas

Swearingan. Sarah Brown daughter of Lucy Brown. Witnessed: James Griffith, Charles

Prather, Vallentin Mendel and John Scott.

Executor: Isaac Leet, Andrew Swearingan, Joseph Swearingan and John Dodd.

Note: Property lines joined to Joseph Farrinate, Morgan Hurst, Daniel Morgan, John Conrels,

Ann Cook, Valentine Mental, George Cox and Jacob Nerly. States he purchased lands from

Charles Prather and leases to William Hanks. Negro boy Jessee, Negro girl Pheby, Negro girl

Esther and her daughter Win.

Molatto boy Issac Toby. My Negro Woman Win to be set free, but Negro Bill son of Win. Not

to be sold out of my family or be hired out or disposed of. Codicil written 17 Nov 1793.

Bequeathed to: Elenor Swearingan formally Elenor Virgin, my wife and my son Vann

Swearinger, her begotten .

Witnessed: William Harp, George Cox and Bezabel Wells.

Note: This Codicil written and states: to remove all that may arise either in my said will or

in this codicil as to the person I mean by my wife Elenor. I do hereby declare that where

ever I have mentioned my wife Elenor in my will or in this codicil I do mean Elenor

Swearingan formerly Elenor Virgin who has lived with me many years past.

Note: Will Proved 6 Jan 1794.


Obediah HOMES 18 Feb 1794

Bequeathed to: Wife Mary. Sons William, Obediah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph and Samuel.

Daughters Elizabeth Pumprey and Marget Hays.

Witnessed: Nathan Griffith and William Haman.

Executor: sons Jacob and Joseph Homes .

Note: Daughters were named in amended portion of the Will.


William McMAHON 31 MAR 1794

Bequeathed to: My sons, Frien, Richard, John, Joseph, and James. Wife, Ann. Daughters Polly,

Susan, Agnes.

Witnessed: Lt. Benjamin Lockwood and Lt. W.O Brady

Executor: John Bukey, and wife Ann.

Note: Named tract of land in Montgomery County, State of Virginia on Twelve Pole Creek, and

tract in Hardens Settlement. Also named lots in Charlestown, at the mouth of Buffalo Creek

on the Ohio river.


David SHEPARD 20 Jan 1795

Bequeathed to: Wife: Rachel. My three daughters: Elizabeth Lee, Sarah Springer and Ruth Mills

and their surviving heirs. My grand daughter Elizabeth Shepherd. My son Moses Shepherd.

Witnessed: William Fanhavan, Abner Springer, Francis Duke, and William McIntire.

Executor’s: Moses Shepherd and John Mills.

Note: States he dwells in the forks of Wheeling Creek. Names slaves: Mulatto girl named Nance

and Negro man named Tymothy . Additionally bequeathed to daughter Elizabeth Lee tract of

land to hold during natural life and then to descend to the heir of William McIntire, deceased.

David Sheperd further states in his WILL. that it is his will is that the Presbeterian Church have

free privilage to build places for public worship and the purpose of burying their dead on the lot

laid out for them but for no other purpose.


Joseph CASKEY 3 Feb 1795

Bequeathed to son John Caskey. To daughter Sarah Casky.

Witnessed by John McMillin, Harp Peterson, Nathan Baker.

Executor: Henry Cockendole of Washington county Pennsylvania, and John Edie of Ohio county Virginia.

Note: Did not make reference to a wife.


William McMECHEN 05 Jun 1795

Bequeathed to: My wife Sidney, my eldest son James, my son William, and my son Benjamin. My daughter Agnes

McCollock, my daughter Sarah McMechen, and my daughter Sidney. My daughter Jeney (Jane). My grand son

David McMechen Broom and my grand daughter Frances Broom.

Witnessed: David Williams, Benjamin McMechen, and Thomas Morton.

Executors: Wife Sidney, sons William and Benjamin.

Note: Negro’s named: Woman named Sarah, boy named Jed, girl called Beck daughter of Cloe. Negro girl named

Sue. A Negro girl called Beck daughter of Poll. Negro boy named Ben son of Sam.

William McMechen states in his will any Negro set free shall have six acres of land for his or her use during

The term of their natural life.

Addition to the Will of William McMechen was made 18 Oct 1797 where he bequeathed to Nancy McCollock,

But no relationship is stated.


Samuel GLASS 22 Feb 1796

Bequeathed to: Wife Ann. Daughters: oldest Margaret, youngest Jean, second daughter Susannah and third

Daughter Ann. Sons, David and John.

Witnessed: Samuel Dunlap, William Rannels and Joseph Mowlett. Executor’s James Steward, William

McKinley and wife Ann.

Note: Names Mulatto boys: Jonathan and Joshua., and Miner. Molatto girl: Sarah. The will of Samuel Glass

identifies all his children under the age of 18.


Mary SNODGRASS 22 June 1796

Bequeathed to: My three sons: Alexander Leeperson named John Snodgrass Leeper, and my son Joseph Snodgrass

and my son James. My two daughters, Jenny and Margaret Mary. To John Samples daughter, Mary Snodgrass

Sample, and to James Cunninghams son, Thomas Cunningham.

Witnessed: Alexander Smith and Joseph Snodgrass.

Executor’s: Samuel Leeper Jr. of the state of Pennsylvania, James Amapoker and Joseph Snodgrass of the State of Virginia.

Note: Sons Joseph and Alexander were not married when the Will was written. and nor was Mary married at the time

the Will was writtten.


James McFARLAND 21 Nov 1796

Bequeathed to: Wife: Martha and beloved children John and Moses, both under the age of twenty one years.

Witnessed: Samuel Steel and Elizabeth A. Denny

Executor: Walter Denny and John Boffs Jr.

Note: Will all his land in lying in the county of Ohio in the State of Virginia to his family.


James McCONNELL 14 Feb 1797

Bequeathed to: My eldest son Samuel, my youngest son John, my son Hugh, and my son James. My daughter

Rebecca Shepherd widow., my daughter Mary, my daughter Esther Buckhannon wife of Thomas. To my

grand daughter Elizabeth Shepherd.

Witnessed: John Farris and John Wayte.

Executor: My sons Samuel and John.

Note: Negro children named: lad named Harry, boy called Joe, Negro girl called Dinah, Negro wench

called Cate, Negro lad called Pete, Negro boy called James and Negro girl call Sally. No reference to a wife.


John McFARLAND 13 May 1797

Bequeathed to: My wife Elizabeth. My five sons, Robert, Andy, John, Ezekiel and Samuel. To my daughters,

Sally Atkinson wife of Robert Atkinson. To my daughter Elizabeth. To my daughter Jane. To my son-in-law

James Wilson and my daughter Margaret, wife of said James. To my grandson Joseph Wilson.

Witnessed: Samuel Steely and Walter Denny.

Executor: My wife , and sons Andy and Robert.

Note: Stated his lands were in Ohio County in the state Virginia.


Andrew BAGGS 09 Mar 1798

Bequeathed to: Wife Agnes. Sons Mathew, William, John. Daughters:

Mary Martin, Agnes Dennison. Grandson Andrew Martin.

Witnessed: John Mitchel, Jean P. McClain (female) and Sinthy Hall (female).

Executor: Andrew Robinson, and Robert Stuart.

Note: Possible that his daughters Mary and Agnes were deceased at time of Will.


Susannah HENTHORN 02 Feb 1799

Bequeathed to: Daughters: Sarah, Mary, and Rebecca. To daughter-in-law Elizabeth. To sons: James,

and Adam. Grandson William, son of James.

Witnessed: Andrew White, William Henthorn, and David Howell.

Executor: son James.

Note: Also named in the Will was Lydia. No relationship stated. Daughter Sarah was left the family Bible.


Zacheriah SWEARINGEN 19 Feb 1799

Bequeathed to: Wife: Phebe. Daughters: Nancy and Mary Swearingen. Brother: Elzey.

Witnessed: John Buky, Noah Reynolds and Thomas S. Ranels.

Executor: Col. Moses Chapline.

Note: Conveyed land deed to James Morris that he purchased prior to the Will being written.


Jerad TERRIL 01 Aug 1799

Bequeathed to: Wife: Sarah. Sons: George and his son Jarvis. My son Abner, my son Eber, my son Ely.

Sons : Daniel, John, Edgar and Edmon and son Peter. To Charisa Terril daughter of Eli. To Rodah

Brown. To Carisa Scarmuhorn and her son Amos. To Ely’s daughter Clarissa, Georges son Jerrid,

Abner and Eber.

Witnessed: Daniel Terril, Henry F. Tracy and Henry Bancraft.

Executor: My wife Sarah, son Peter and son Daniel.

Note: Land on grave Creek, Ohio county State of Virginia. Other persons referred to in Will were:

Luke Scarmuhorn, John Miller and E. Zane.


Samuel HOLMES 15 Aug 1799

Bequeathed to: Wife Mary and my children that are now in their minority all of whom except

Daniel, I allow to be bound out.

Witnessed: Robert McCoy, Issac Oldham and Arthur Erwin.

Executor; Wife Mary and George Knox Esqr.