Two Induction Groups to Huntington Today

Submitted by Becky Bowman Baldauf.

Wheeling News Register January 1945, exact date unknown.

Men from board No. 2 and 3 Scheduled to Depart Inductees from Ohio county draft boards No. 2 and 3 are scheduled to depart this morning for the Huntington induction center. They make up the first 1945 groups to be sent by these boards for induction. Included are:

Board No. 3
Sidney A. Byrum, Robert L. Clark, James E. Norman, Jr., George M. Gray, Jr., Gerald H. Nolan, Charles W. Gorrell, William Floyd, Nile A. Bowman, Andrew J. Kalo, Joseph E. Willis, Richard L. Fordyce, Roderick D. Ford.

Board No. 2
Thomas Howard Vensel, James Patrick Griffith, Jr., Ellsworth Ralph Zane John Stewart Poling, Nicholas Onifer, Ernest James Fonnet, Stanley Martin Lysicki, Harry R. Smith Raduziner, Edward Marion Costa. Michael Fedezak, Clyde William McKenney, Clyde George Mason, James Kenneth J. Murray, Jr., Harry Mitchell Daugherty, Lowell Longworth Myers, Lewis Wilbur Kline, Clarence Vincent Tucker, Albert Levi Muldrew, Albert Paul Paetzold, Alvin Carl Koegler.

Transfers in include Elmer Ingrish Hendee from Tampa, Fla., and Joseph Clifford Pickens from Baltimore.

Transfers out are John Douglas Hamilton to Ashtabula; Wallace Ernest Piety to Sebring, Fla., Bernard Junior Wurtzbacher to Clarksburg; Jule Cassius Ripley to Berkeley, Calif., and David Field Graham to Fairmont