Contributed by Kimberly Volk.

NOTE: 2 pages of the births for 1858 are missing from the microfilm.


Jarvis, AdaxFrench Creek07/04/1858James & Ann JarvisJames Jarvis, father
Jones, George W. McKim11/20/1858Sampson & Elizabeth JonesS. Jones, father
Joy, ElenovettaBull Creek07/23/1858William & Sarah Joy Wm. Joy, father
Joy, Elias JohnCow Creek02/11/1858Joseph & Eleanor JoyJoseph Joy, father
Keener, JuliaCow Creek01/15/1858A. H. & Salvina KeenerA. H. Keener, father
Keener, ThomasBull Creek09/05/1858David & Rachel KeenerDavid Keener, father
Kidder, Robert H. Ohio River08/25/1858David & Catherine KidderDavid Kidder, father
Lamp, IsaelMcKim11/02/1858George & Abigal LampGeorge Lamp, father
Malone, Geo. Wm. Bull Creek09/22/1858James & Rachel MaloneJames Malone, father
Maxwell, JaneMcKim02/15/1858Smiley & Lydia MaxwellSmiley Maxwell, father
McCardle, EdmonMiddle Island10/24/1858A. G. & Christina McCardleA. McCardle, father
McTaggart, HughCow Creek11/13/1858Hugh & Drumps McTaggartHugh McTaggart, father
Miller, James W. St. Marys06/24/1858Moses & Amanda MillerMoses Miller, father
Moore, ClarissaOhio River04/30/1858Hissasson G. & Sara J. MooreH. G. Moore, father
Morgan, Francis M. French Creek10/04/1858Josiah & Syndia MorganJosiah Morgan, father
Myers, Alvarado N. St. Marys05/03/1858Irwin D. & Mary J. MyersI. D. Myers, father
Odle, Sarah EllenMcKim07/12/1858William & Jane OdleWilliam Odle, father
Patterson, SalasSt. Marys12/01/1858Robert & Harriet S. Patterson R. Patterson, father
Pcafiner, SelmanOhio River08/19/1858John & Hannah PcafinerJ. Pcafiner, father
Pestel, James Wm. Broad Run06/15/1858James & Sarah PestelJames Pestel, father
Reinhart, French Creek10/04/1858Thos. & Elizabeth RinehartT. Rinehart, father
Reynolds, Daniel W. Middle Island10/16/1858Isac & Clarissa ReynoldsIsac Reynolds, father
Rogers, JosephCow Creek04/22/1858Malsby & Sarah RogersM. Rogers, father
Ruckman, Moses A. Bull Creek02/25/1858John & Sarah RuckmanJohn Ruckman, father
Ruttencutter, AbrahamMiddle Island08/12/1858John F. & Mary A. RuttencutterJ. Ruttencutter, father
Rymer, Frand W. St. Marys11/24/1858Harrison & Jane A. RymerH. Rymer, father
Samberson, FerrenBroad Run05/16/1858Abraham SambersonA. Samberson, father
Satterfield, Davis S. McKim Fork12/31/1858Elias & Martha E. SatterfieldE. Satterfield, father
Seckman, Middle Island04/30/1858Andrew & Martha SeckmanA. Seckman, father
Sharpneck, WilliamCow Creek03/17/1858Hiram & Sarah SharpneckHiram Sharpneck, father
Shingleton, B.McKim Fork05/22/1858S. C. & Mary ShingletonS. C. Shingleton, father
Shingleton, Isac W. McKim Fork01/09/1858John & Margaret ShingletonJ. Shingleton, father
Shingleton, John F.McKim Fork04/15/1858James & Eliza ShingletonE. Shingleton, mother
Shreeves, Eliza JaneSugar Creek12/07/1858Benj. & Elizabeth ShreevesElizabeth Shreeves, mother
Simon, Alenda B.Cow Creek11/01/1858Michel & Mary SimonM. Simon, father
Smith, Benj. F.Ohio River07/17/1858Daniel & Malipa SmithDaniel Smith, father
Smith, William B. Ohio River12/23/1858John & Jane SmithJohn Smith, father
Steepleton, James & JeanetteFrench Creek09/2?/1858James & Delila SteepletonJames Steepleton, father
Steward, Sarah ElizabethMiddle Island04/04/1858Thomas & Caroline StewardThos. Steward, father
Strobel, St. Marys06/10/1858John & Catherine StrobelJohn Strobel, father
Sunderman, Amanda V? Ohio River12/20/1858John & Rebecca SundermanR. Sunderman, father
Taylor, Ohio River08/02/1858Jefferson & Martha TaylorJefferson Taylor, father
Thompaon, Sarah F. Ohio River08/12/1858Charles & Francis ThompsonC. Thompson, father
Totton, AnaliasOhio River03/07/1858John W. & Charlotte TottonJ. Totton, father
Unger, RawsonBull Creek08/12/1858C. P. Unger (?Rebecca Unger?)C. Unger, father
Vincan, CalvinOhio River04/02/1858Enoch Jr. & Susanna VincanE. Vincan, father
Virden, William S. Middle Island06/03/1858William & Catherine VirdenWm. Virden, father
Wagoner,Sugar Creek12/02/1858John & Eliza WagonerJ. Wagoner, father
Wells, Ohio River08/06/1858Solomn & Mary WellsS. Wells, father
Wheeler, Wm. B. M. French Creek03/23/1858Jeper & Sarah WheelerJeper Wheeler, father
Williamson, Richard E. Ohio River08/26/1858Joseph & Sarah WilliamsonJ. Williamson, father
Williamson,Rock Run05/10/1858Henry & Eliza WilliamsonE. Williamson, mother
Wilson, SamanthaMcKim08/21/1858William & Sara WilsonWm. Wilson, father
Wince, WarrenRock Run01/05/1858Samuel & Lucinda WinceL. Wince, mother
Wise, ElizabethBull Creek12/02/1858Levi & Elizabeth WiseLevi Wise, father