Bolton Family Cemetery


The photo above was taken by Gerald Bills, 6/2000, before the restoration
of the cemetery by Lanesse’ Garner and Bub Metz. The following photos,
taken by Mr. Bills on 1/31/2005, show the cemetery following the restoration.




Read 2/24/2000 by G. E. Bills.

From St. Marys, take County Road 3 (Hebron Road) for 13 miles to the Kenneth McCoullugh farm Box 202 (about 1/2 mile before Hebron). On 1911 farm map, this would be the C. J. Wagner farm across from the W. L. Bolton farm. The cemetery is on the right up the hill by an old road to the first flat (about 200 yards) and then right on the lower edge of the flat about fifty yards.

There are Two stones marked as follows:

          FATHER         MOTHER
           JOHN          SARAH L.
         1807-1898      1786-1871

2.        ABRAMS          ROSANNA
          BOLTON          MARTIN
          BORN             BORN
     OCT. 28, 1838      APRIL 1, 1832
          DIED             DIED
     OCT. 12, 1840     OCT. 14, 1911



Message from LANESSE’ GARNER, January 30, 2005

My name is Lanesse’ Garner and I am 15 yrs. old. My Uncle David Colvin has about 400 acres of property connecting with the old Bolton farm. My grandfather Bub Metz lives on part of that property and is the caretaker of it. He lives on the hill across from the Hebron Cemetary. My grandpa just took over Rex Hadleys job of taking care of the Hebron Cemetary. My grandpa took me to see the old Bolton cemetery one day about 2 years ago in the summer and we were talking about how overgrown it was and what a shame it was that it had not been taken care of. So my grandpa and I took the liberty of cleaning it up. We thought that that family should be honored and that they deserved to have a nice, cleaned-up burial place. We tore out all the briers, mowed, and stood Sarah and Abraham Bolton’s tombstone back up. While we were cleaning up some sticks one evening, I tripped over a stone. We found what appeared to be another burial other than the 2 already existing ones. It was driven down into the ground quite a ways. So my grandpa pulled it up and it was in fact another stone, but it had no writing or identification. The ground was also sunk in where the stone was and you could definitely tell that someone was buried there. We believe that it was Sarah Bolton’s husband. We still go up and mow it every spring and summer. It is quite a beautiful little cemetery now. I just thought you would like to know about this. You should go look at it sometime. The man that had owned it after the Bolton’s did and had the house at across the road from the farm is buried under a pine tree up on the hill just a little ways away from the Bolton’s. There is no marker except a pole sticking up out of the ground. I just happened to be looking up some things about St. Mary’s history my mom found this site so I was looking to see if the Bolton cemetery was on the site. I am so happy that I could write you and tell you this. It is me and my Pap’s pride and joy! My two little cousins also helped some too. Westin and Cade Metz. Their father is Brian Metz. He just got back from Iraq last March. We are so proud of him!!!

Sincerely, Lanesse’ Garner

From Mr. Gerald Bills:

The Boltons buried in the cemetery are the parents and the siblings of Civil War Chaplain James W. W. Bolton, 5th West Virginia Cavalry.

[See Linda Cunningham Fluharty's online presentation of the 5th WV Cavalry Regimental History book Chaplain Bolton is the subject of Chapter V., "The Chaplain and His Work."]

Sarah I. Bolton was the daughter of a Revolutionary War Veteran, James Hanlon (O'Hanlon).

7 Dec 2005

The John Bolton buried in the Bolton Family Cemetery was the brother of my Gr Gr Gr GR Grandfather Abraham Bolton who is buried near Clarksburg WV. He is the son of Jonathan Bolton and was born in Rockingham Co. VA. He and Abraham migrated to Western VA sometime around 1816. I plan on visiting those graves sometime within the next year.

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