Fairview Cemetery




Read by G. E. Bills and Bryan D. Bills, 5/2000. Photos by Gerald Bills, 6/2000.

Lafayette District, Pleasants County, WV - From State Route 2 in St. Marys, take County Road 3 (Hebron Road) 4.8 miles to the intersection with County Road 28 (Federal Ridge Road). Turn left on County Road 28 and go 2.8 miles. The cemetery can be seen on the left hand side of the road. There are two tombstones and several depressions of other possible graves.

Approximately 100 yards before arriving at the roadside stones, there is a single stone marker about 25 or 30 yards off the left hand side of the road at the edge of the woods and an open field. This cemetery has been variously called the Fairview, Cox and Spindletop. On the 1911 Farm Map, this cemetery is on the M. R. Cox Farm where the Fairview School was located. Also, Federal Ridge is refered to as Spindletop.

Road side graves:

1. MOTHER - AMANDA PETERS - Nov. 23, 1868 - Aug. 8, 1908

2. Tombstone from which the metal insert has been removed.

Grave in the woods: John M. Berkhiemer - Born Oct. 26, 1827 - Died March 2, 1890

(John M. Berkhiemer also has a marker in the Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery along with his wife. However, according to descendents, he was never moved to this location.)

Pleasants County Marriage Records:
Peters, Amos 27 married Cox, Amanda E. 25 19 April 1896
You will find Amos Peters and wife Amanda in the 1900 Pleasants County Census, Lafayette District.

3. Mary Cox, Aged 76 years - Died December 17, 1921 (No Marker)


Windland, Sarah Caroline - April 5, 1855 - Sept 27, 1921 - No marker
Windland, John William - Jan 21, 1881 - March 24, 1917 - No Marker