John Malone Family Cemetery


Photo by Bryan Bills, 2000.


Photo by Charley Elder, 2009.

Read and photographed by Bryan D. Bills 8/12/2000. Submitted by Gerald E. Bills.

Jefferson District. From State Route 2, take County Road 4 to Horseneck (approx. 4.2 miles). Then take County Road 4/3 for approx 0.7 miles and then take County road 4/4 to the top of Gard Hill. Park vehicle at top of Gard Hill by gate on right side of road. Go through the fence and proceed up hill on road which is well defined. Follow road along ridge until you find the old pipeline right of way. Follow pipeline right of way left (west) until you are looking down a very steep hill into a very deep hollow. (This would be the middle fork of Rush Run). At this point, turn to to your right, and swing back up the hill where the ridge levels off some. (Probably 30 or 40 yards above right of way). When you get to the ridge, look for a large Hackleberry Tree, and a dead pine snag which is about sixteen feet tall, and a live pine which has no limbs except in the very top. The cemetery stones are surounded by these trees. There are are also a lot of uprooted trees in this area. Per the 1911 Farm Map, this is the old Harman Malone property north west of top of Gard Hill, right fork of Horseneck Run. - GPS: N39° 18.788' W81° 18.231'

1. John Malone - Died Feb. 4, 1850 - Aged 57 years.

2. Sarah Ann Malone - Died Jan. 30, 1854 - Aged 30 years - Dau. of J. & E. Malone.

3. Elizabeth Malone - Died Mar. 20, 1854 - Aged 46 years - Wife of John Malone.

4. Samuel L. Malone - Died Jan. 8, 1864 - Aged 1 year 1 mo. 21 ds - Son of Benj. & Catharine E. Malone.

5. Joseph J. Malone - Died May 13, 1864 - Aged 23 days - Son of Wm. & Mary Malone.