LaRue Cemetery

Submitted by Gerald Bills.

The LaRue Cemetery is located on Middle Island at St. Marys, Pleasants County, WV, about 300 yards north of the bridge ramp.

There are no stones still visible and the location is completely obscured by farming over the years. Jacob Larue's stone was recovered and has been placed in the Pioneer Park Cemetery in St. Marys.

The LaRue cemetery is probably the resting place of Jasper Bills (3/1/1844-3/4/1844) and Daniel H. Bills (3/1/1844-3/14/1844) twin sons of Joseph and Emaline (Reynolds) Bills.

LaRue, Susanna, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth - d. Dec 15, 1840 - age 25 yrs 10mo 9da.
LaRue, Elizabeth - June 8, 1785 - Sep 12, 1838 - age 53yrs 3mo 4da.
LaRue, Jacob - Dec 8, 1776 - Sep 20, 1823 - age 46yrs 9mo 11da.
LaRue, Asinty - Nov. 2, 1808 - Feb. 29, 1818 - age 11 yrs 3mo 21da.

The following photos were taken November 6, 2003 at the occasion of the dedication of a marker on Middle Island, Pleasants County, WV, as a memorial for the Larue Cemetery which was destroyed during farming operations.


Gerald Bills giving a brief history of the Larues on Middle Island and the cemetery.


Reading from left to right: Bruce Knight who farmed the island as a young man and helped locate the approximate location of the cemetery; Walter Carpenter, President of the Pleasants County Historical Society; Gerald Bills, a descendant of the Larues, who led the effort for the marker; Janet Butler, National Wildlife Service, who assisted in getting permits to place the marker; John R. Bills, a descendant of the Larues and brother to Gerald, who did the stone work for the marker.


Close up view of the plaque on the marker.


Full view of the marker.