Mt. Welcome Cemetery



Photos and updates by Garrett Miller, December 2007.

North on State Route 2 from St. Marys, 7.4 miles to Ben's Run; right on Tyler County Route 5; 1 mile to Pleasants County Route 7, about midway between Arvilla and Meadville; right on gravel road at Walker Store; 0.5 mile to fork; right 1.0 mile to cemetery.

A mausoleum is in woods behind cemetery approximately 300 yards on old wooden road. Bodies were placed in glass enclosure originally. After glass was broken and mausoleum decayed, bodies were removed and buried beside the building with markers.

BAUMAN, William E. - 12-21-1893 - 7-12-1894 - s/o S. E. & A. Bauman
BRAMMER, Cordelia - 1869 - 1956
BRAMMER, Dorris Maud - d/o/d 5-1-1907 per Pleasant County Death Register - d/o Ira E. & Cordelia Brammer
BRAMMER, John David - 3/09/1939 - 3/10/1939
BUTLER, Ely [Thomas Eli per death cert.] - 1886 - 1934
BUTLER, Henry - 1836 - 1929
BUTLER, Teena [Augustena] - 1851 - 1932 - per death cert: w/o Henry; d/o Christopher Stienhoff & Hannah Mellinghouse
BUTLER, John Henry - 2-12-1853 - 4-24-1937
BUTLER, Rilla - ____ - ____ - per Betty Butler Bills (granddaughter)
BUTLER, Thomas J. - 1850 - 1937
BUTLER, Margaret J. - 1860 - 1918
CHIPPS, Mary Butler - Died 07/21/1953
CHIPPS, Virgil - s/ o Mary - 12/27/1920 - 05/15/1929
CHIPPS, Goldena - d/o Mary - 02/10/1917 - 03/31/1964
COLVIN, George W. - 1870 - 1951
COLVIN, Nancy J. - 1864 - 1899
CUNNINGHAM, Thomas B. - 5/05/1861 - 12/24/1933
CUNNINGHAM, Early - 2-26-1891 - 6-22-1895 - son of J. W.? & S. W.?
GORRELL, Dora - 6-27-1877 - 12-14-1899 - w/o O. Gorrell, Jr.
GORRELL, Clement L. - 7-19-1866 - 6-18-1891 s/o Oliver & M. A. Gorrell
GORRELL, Estella E. - 3-30-1870 - 1-2-1892 - d/o Oliver & M. A. Gorrell
GORRELL, Eva B. - d/o/d 4-7-1891 - aged 19 yrs. 12 dys.
GORRELL, Oliver - 1839 - 1912
GORRELL, Mary Ann - 1845 - 1912 - w/o Oliver
GORRELL, Ollie Jr. ---- - 2/20/1928 - (Same as man buried at IOOF?)
GORRELL, Ralph E. - 1884 - 1912
LAIDLEY, Harry W. - 1918 - 1918
LAIDLEY, Lavina - 1884 - 1922
MILLER, Jesse - 1825 - 1900 - "Father"
MILLER, Mary - 1832 - 1918 - "Mother" - w/o Jesse
MOORING, Ikie - 12-19-1896 - 3-4-1904
MOSSOR, Edward Gail - 1920 - 1923
MOSSOR, Janie - 3-28-1883 - 8-7-1927
SMITH, Florence - 3-28-1904 - 12-21-1905 - d/o J. E. & I. A. Smith
SMITH, John Emery - 1859 - 1928
SMITH, Isa A. - 1861 - 19__ - w/o John Emery Smith
TICE, Earnest W. - 1907 - 1924
WAGONER, Stella - 3-15-1888 - 9-22-1899
WILLIAMSON, Cordellia B. - 5-16-1868 - 7-18-1896 - w/o Corwin Williamson
WILLIAMSON, Lettie C. - 10-8-1876 - 8-20-1957
WRIGHT, Leander - 1870 - 1926
WRIGHT, Ella - 1870 - 1899
Field Stone - no inscription
Field Stone - no inscription
Steel Plate Marker - no inscription
Steel Plate Cross Marker - no inscription
Steel Plate Marker - no inscription
Concrete steps, and porch, and block foundation for an old displaced bldg.


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The following article is quoted from a story which Bob Butler received from Eva Wagner Brammer, wife of Clyde Brammer. "This is what Irene remembers about who was put in the vault."

"Ikie Mooring was the name of one of the children she(?) put in the vault, we think their mother's name was Gorrell before she married a Mooring, and Ralph Gorrell used to own a lot of land. I think he owned the ground where my father and mother bought down over the hill, in sight, where us kids growed up. Ikie Mooring was 15 years old when he died, and was buried on the Rolla Mahan place where Izzi's(?) did own or maybe do yet. His mother had his body taken up and put in this vault and his casket was used for a watering trough on the Mahan farm. I think I have seen it was back of the Mahan barn, where a little stream of water came down over the hill. Since we got to talking about it seems to me there was a little bed in there where his body was in. Some time later two small children of the Moorings were put in there. Their bodies were put in stone jars, and a tricycle and other toys were in there and school books.

One time Wess Givens, he was a uncle of these children, unlocked the door and Irene says she and Dad and Willie went in. I don't know just why they went in. I remember when the glass in the door was clean enough to see through, we often looked in there and could see things that were put in there.

Irene has heard some time the mother of these children came and cleaned inside the vault and hung these childrens' bodies out on a tree while she cleaned, and later the door busted and dogs got in there and dragged these bodies out and they were found by hunters, and they called Orvil and Willie, probably when they were in the restaurant business, and they had Ruttencutter to come and bury their skeletons there beside the vault. Used to be fenced in and seems to me some other people has been buried there since. I have seen that a lot of times. Had a gate to go in."

Thelma Wells West added these comments:

An interesting story about Ikie's Tomb by the late Eva Wagner Brammer (a cousin of mine). I have a couple bits of information about the family of Ikie.

(1) His mother was Emma J. Gorrell who was born 18 Jul 1874. She was married 1 Jan 1896 in Pleasants County to Kenneth Morring. (Morring spelling from marriage record). Can't find them on any Pleasants Co. records except marriage.

(2) Ikie was not 15 but 7 years 2 months and 16 days when he died.

(3) Emma J. Gorrell was the daughter of Oliver Gorrell, Sr. and Mary Ann Morgan. Oliver was Sheriff of Pleasants Co. in the 1870's. He owned 1,000 of land. Oliver was the son of Elias Gorrell and Berthiah Galloway. Elias was son of Ralph Gorrell, Sr. and Catherine Cooper.

(4) The Wes Givens Eva mentioned was married to Emma's sister Martha M. Gorrell.

(5) The Rolla Mahan Eva mentioned was married to another sister, Roberta Gorrell.

(6) The Irene she mentions is Eva's sister and her father was Harvey Wagner. I don't know who the Willie is that Eva mentions. The "Izzi"s" she mentioned might be the family of William Isekeit who was in the neighborhood.

I know nothing of other children buried in the tomb. Poor Ikie had at least three graves. May he rest in peace.