Welling Cemetery



*Photos by David Dixson.

Submitted by Gerald Bills.

From State Route 2 at Wood County line, go 2.6 mile north into Pleasants County; right on County Route 6, 0.6 miles to junction with County Route 6 & 8; straight on County Route 8, 3.2 miles through Horseneck; at junction County Route 8&1/5, park vehicle; walk left down the hollow about 2000 feet to a large white oak at the forks of the main hollow.

The remains of an old fence and the depression of a grave is under the tree. This is the burial plot of:

Welling, David
Born: 1821 Marshall County VA
Died: 1889 Horseneck, Pleasants County, WV

Buried on his farm per the following deed from Pleasants County Deed Book 45, Pages 373-374:

George B. Welling & wife )THIS Deed, Made the 16th day of March, 1908, between George To)Deed )B.Welling and his wife Mary E. Welling of Wood County, State of Ruth Thrasher )West Virginia, parties of the first part, and Ruth Thrasher party of the )second part of Pleasants County State of West Va; WITNESSETH- That in consideration of the sum of One dollar and other considerations the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the said George B. Welling and wife parties of the first part does grant unto Ruth Thrasher party of the second part, their right, title and interest in the following described tract or parcel of land, lying and being in the County of Pleasants District of jefferson and state of West Virginia, on the waters of Bull creek. Beginning at a stone, white oak and beech pointers to land owned by W. Campbell; thence N.46 7/8deg W.62 poles to a stone and three chestnuts oaks, corner to land owned by William Ross heirs, and with said land S.12deg W120 poles to a stone, white walnut and beech; thence N.43 01/7 E.102 poles to the "begining", containing 20 acres more or less. Reserving therefrom 16 feet square where David Welling is "burried," also the right to go to and from said grave with privilege of fencing same. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said real estate, with its premises and appurtenances unto the said Ruth Thrasher, her heirs and assigns for ever. Witness the following signatures and marks.

Witness to mark George B. Welling (Seal)
John Elliott, Bitha Elliott hier
Mary E. x Welling (Seal)

David Welling's wife Isabella Quigly Welling died July 5, 1871 in Pleasants County and her grave, along with their daughter, can be found in the Ruckman Cemetery.

*Pictures taken by David Dixson, a great grandson of David Welling, after he cleared the area of the grave and place a marker on April 10, 2003.

Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

Isabella QUIGLEY b. 2 Mar. 1828 m. in 1845, David WELLING b. 1824 in Marshall County, (W) Virginia.


Massa Jane Chambers Welling (Mother of David).

Caleb & Mary Ellen (Welling) Chambers (David's Daughter).

Massa Welling Campbell's Family (David's sister.)