Wince Cemetery


Photo above by Charley Elder, 2009.


Photo by Gerald Bills, 6/2000.

Submitted by Jeanne Wince Stone.

The cemetery, located at Adlai in Pleasants County, WV, is the family cemetery of Samuel and Lucinda Riggs Wince. - GPS: N39° 20.767' W81° 03.061'

Buried there are:

Samuel Wince, born 10 Dec 1818 in Monongalia Co, VA/WV, died 5 Dec 1882 in Pleasants Co, WV. Parents: Peter Wince (Wentz) and Catherine Mason.

Lucinda Riggs Wince (wife of Samuel), born 30 April 1826 Monongalia Co. VA/WV, died 28 Dec 1901 in Pleasants Co, WV. Parents: William A Riggs and Sarah Barrickman.

Children: James, David, Mahlon, & Louisa Wince (all children of Samuel and Lucinda).

Sarah M. Simonton - 1st wife of William J. Wince s/o Samuel & Lucinda

There were a few headstones that were beyond reading. One had a name Dora but I haven't identified her as of yet. My guess is that there are maybe 12-15 headstones located in the cemetery. It is a beautiful location and hopefully can be added to the preservation list.

I have been researching the Wince family for many years and will gladly share what information I have. Sorry I cannot give you exact directions to the cemetery but I'm certain with a land plat you should be able to find it.

The Samuel Wince family moved to Tyler/Pleasants Co between 1850 and 1860. Many of their descendants are still located in Ritchie, Pleasants, and Tyler Counties.


Updated 3/2000 by Gerald & Bryan Bills. File edited by Judy Burns. Photos by Gerald Bills.

From State Route 2 in St. Marys - State Route 16, approximately 10 miles to Ritchie County line. Left on County Route 30 approximately 3.7 miles to fork in road (30 and 30/6). Stay right on County Road 30/6 approximately 0.5 miles to Wince Hollow Road on right (Ed Wilson residence - 1998). Take Wince Hollow Road approximately 0.2 miles to gate. Park at gate. At gate area is large ash tree on left side of road. Look right across Wince Hollow Run and meadow at a right angle to road and observe large cedar tree in woods (approximately 500 yds). Cemetery at cedar tree in woods.

1 WINCE, James P. - D/O/D 2-9-1861 - age 14 dys. - son of S. & L. A. Wince
2 WINCE, David O. - D/O/D 3-16-1850 - age 3 yrs. - son of S. & L. A. Wince
3 Field Stone Marker (no inscription)
4 Field Stone Marker (no inscription)
5 Field Stone Marker (no inscription)
6 WINCE, Infant child - born & died 1871 - child of W. J. & S. M. Wince
     WINCE, C. E. - 3-9-1877 - 9-8-1878 - daughter of W. J. & S. M. Wince
6-A Foot Stone - "I. W."
6-B Foot Stone - "C. E. W."
7 Base Stone (no inscription) and Foot Stone "J. P. W."
8 SIMONTON, Elmer C. - D/O/D 10-31-1886 - age 6 yrs. 6 dys. - s/o J. J. & L. V. Simonton
9 DILLON, Sarah C. - D/O/D 5-20-1868 - in her 26th year
9-A Foot Stone - "S. C. D."
10 WINCE, Mahlon - D/O/D 2-9-1868 - age 17 yrs. - son of S. & L. A. Wince
10-A Foot Stone - "M. W."
11 WINCE, Louisa - D/O/D 11-9-1862 - age 3 yrs. - d/o S. & L. A. Wince
11-A Foot Stone - "L. W."
12 WINCE, Lucinda - 4-30-1820 - 12-28-1901 - w/o S. Wince
     WINCE, Samuel - 12-10-1818 - 11-5-1882
12-A Foot Stone - "L. W."
12-B Foot Stone - "S. W."

After some study of the situation at the Wince Family Cemetery, this is my summary:

Of course, we do not know the actual gravesite of the two stones leaning against the tree, but I believe the "J.P.W." foot stone which is leaning against the unknown base stone (#7), would be that of "James P. Wince (#1). Although it could be that of some other soul with the same initials,but my guess is that of "James P."

Also, judging from the quality of the gravestones of the Wince Family, I would believe the field stones are for a different family, or at least someone less well to do in the Wince family.

Then, as I read the poem inscribed upon the stone of Samuel and Lucinda Wince, I am convinced by the use of the words "our" and "we", that there was more than one child who survived their parents. Of course, this is also just a guess! But, that is my summary of my study. ------- Bryan D. Bills