Company "E" 14th West Virginia Infantry

     Mr. Gerald Bills submitted the September 5, 2007 edition of the St. Marys Oracle to share the news of a ceremony held on August 25, 2007 to honor Pleasants County Civil War soldier, Alexander Calvert, Company "E" 14th West Virginia Infantry. The article and photos are used with permission of the St. Marys Oracle.


Grave of Cpl. Alexander Calvert
Arvilla (Needmore) Cemetery, Pleasants County, West Virginia

Local historian and president of the Pleasants County Historical Society, Walter Carpenter, prayed over Calvert's new memorial stone and grave during the special ceremony Aug. 25 in Arvilla


     Civil War soldier Alexander Calvert of Co. E 14th West Virginia Infantry was honored Aug. 25 with a special rededication of his memorial stone at Needmore Cemetery near the Arvilla Community Building.
     The late Corporal Calvert was born Aug. 29, 1836 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, a son of William and Fanny Calvert.
     He married Margaret Huffman, daughter of William and Jane Huffman, Dec. 29, 1859. William Huffman was also a veteran of the Civil War.
     The couple had one son, James Calvert, who married Virginia Elliott. From this union, three children were born, a son and two daughters.
     The son, Gale Calvert and his family grew up and lived in Pleasants County.
     A 25-year old farmer, Alexander Calvert enlisted into service Aug. 14, 1862 with Captain W. M. Powell of Co. E. 14th West Virginia Infantry.
     After being captured at the Battle of Cloyd Mountain in Virginia, Calvert was confined at the infamous Libby Prison in Richmond, VA.
     There, he contracted chronic diarrhea and was paroled at Savannah, GA. He returned to a military hospital in Annapolis, MD, where he died Dec. 15, 1864.
     Although Calvert's first memorial stone can still be found at Needmore Cemetery, his great-granddaughter, Grace Calvert Campbell of Belmont, wished to see her Civil War hero further immortalized with a new stone.
     With the help of president Marie Taylor and members of the Arvilla CEOS Club, a ceremony was hosted Aug. 25 to honor Calvert.
     Local historians Gerald Bills and Johnny Bob Bills installed a new headstone at the Arvilla cemetery. The service included a special appearance of the 14th West Virginia Volunteers Co. F/Kanawha Artillery Battery D. CEOS members also hosted a covered dish reception following the service.


Honoring Civil War soldier Alexander Calvert at Nedmore Cemetery, Arvilla, Aug. 25, were members of 14th West Virginia Volunteers Co. F/Kanawha Artillery Battery D: (front) Marshall Simmons, Zach Lamp, Verna Owens, Jody Haddox, Aaron Stull, Kim Stull and Ebie Stull; and (back) Eric Schmidt, Dave Owens, John Haddox and Bill Stull.


Members of the 14th West Virginia Volunteers Co. F/Kanawha Artillery Battery D provided a memorable service at Cpl. Alexander Calvert's rededication ceremony Aug. 25 at Needmore Cemetery in Arvilla.