Elda Keefer's Ruckman Ancestors

Compiled by Elda Ann Zickau Keefer.


Moses A. Ruckman, 1858-1928

MOSES A. RUCKMAN was born February 25, 1858 at Bull Creek, Borland, Pleasants County, West Virginia. A son of John Ruckman and Sarah Jane Smith, he was a grandson of one of the pioneers, Moses Ruckman, and his wife, Margret Strong. Sarah Jane Smith was a daughter of Alfred Smith and Mary Ann Lapping of Pennsylvania.

On March 22, 1888, at the age of 30, Moses married Mary Jane Hubbs, age 18. She was a daughter of Isaac Hubbs and Mary Eleanor (Voorhees) Hescht.

All of their children were born in Borland. They were John Kent, Orilla May, Lola and Harold M. They had a son, Clyde, born in July 1891, and he died November 1892.

Moses A. was a farmer and had a store for many years at Borland:

M. A. Ruckman
Dry Goods & Notions
fine Groceries and
Country Produce
Rout 1, Willow, W. Va.

He lived in Pleasants County for 59 years, before he and his family moved to Mason City, Mason County, West Virginia, where he had a store. In 1928, he went to Parkersburg. He was never heard from again until some hunters found his body hanging from a tree one year later, in 1929.

Moses A. Ruckman is buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Mason City, West Virginia.

He was a brother to Josie, Mary Ann, Sarah B., Idonna, Margaret L., Bascom S., Sebastain C., John (J.C.) and Josiah (Job).


Mary Jane (Hubbs) Ruckman, 1869-1961

MARY JANE (HUBBS) RUCKMAN, born May 21, 1869 in Wetzel County, West Virginia, was a daughter of Isaac Hubbs, Jr. and Mary Eleanor (Voorhees) Hescht. She was the wife of Moses A. Ruckman.

About 1930, following the tragic death of her husband, Mary Jane lived in Florida with her daughter, Orilla May, in New Jersey with her son, John Kent, and with her daughter, Lola, in Huntington, West Virginia. She died at home in Huntington on December 31, 1961, and she is buried beside her daughter, Lola, in the Docks Creek Cemetery, Kenova, West Virginia.

She was the half sister to Henry Hubbs of Rush Run, Pleasants County, to George P. Hubbs of Bull Creek, Pleasants County, and to Albert M. Hescht of Rush Run.


John (Jack) Kent Ruckman, 1888-1947

JOHN (JACK) KENT RUCKMAN, born November 5, 1888 at Willow Island, Pleasants County, West Virginia, was a son of Moses A. and Mary Jane (Hubbs) Ruckman. He went through school in Pleasants County, West Virginia. In 1911, 1912 & 1913, he went to Marshall College in Huntington, where he played all three years on the football team, and was in several clubs.

Jack married Emma Grace Sterling in Huntington, West Virginia on August 18, 1913.

He taught school in Mason City for awhile, then moved back to Huntington where he was employed at the Huntington Advertiser newspaper, and Huntington Dry Goods Department Store. In 1928, he and Grace divorced. After this, he moved to Westwood, New Jersey with a new wife, Corine Clark.

On July 3, 1947, as he was walking across a train crossing, he was hit and killed by the train.

He is buried in the Westwood Cemetery, New Jersey.


Orilla May (Ruckman) Sayre, 1895-1935

ORILLA MAY (RUCKMAN) SAYRE was born in Pleasants County on May 1, 1895, a daughter of Moses A. and Mary Jane (Hubbs) Ruckman. She moved with her family to Mason City about 1917, where she finished her education at the school where her brother, John, taught.

On September 24, 1917, she married Doctor Robert Fawcett Sayre. They had three children Lorilla V., Malcolm M., and David F. Before 1930 they moved to Florida.

Orilla died on February 21, 1935. Her remains were brought back to Point Pleasant, Mason County, where she was buried in Suncrest Cemetery.


Lola (Ruckman) Zickau, 1900-1970

LOLA (RUCKMAN) ZICKAU was born January 17, 1900 in Borland, Pleasants County. She was a daughter of Moses A. and Mary Jane (Hubbs) Ruckman.

Around 1915, Lola was sent to Mason City by her father to go to school where her brother, John, taught. She graduated from Pomeroy High in 1917. She helped her father in the store.

Lola married Floyd Arthur Zickau in Pennsylvania on January 4, 1930. In 1935, they moved to Cabell County, West Virginia, then moved to Wayne County in 1941.

Lola and Floyd were the parents of five children: Patricia A., Lola J., Jack H., Elda A., and Linda M.

Lola died in St. Mary's Hospital on March 11, 1970. She is buried beside her husband and her mother in Docks Creek Cemetery, Kenova, West Virginia.


Harold M. Ruckman, 1903-1924

HAROLD M. RUCKMAN, born October 17, 1903 in Jefferson District, Pleasants County, West Virginia, was a son of Moses A. and Mary Jane (Hubbs) Ruckman.

About 1915, Harold was sent to Mason City with his sister, Lola, so they could attend the school where their brother, John, taught. Harold graduated from Pomeroy High about 1921, where he played sports.

Harold was a pitcher in a baseball farm league in California. While playing in a game in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he was hit in the head by a hard baseball. He died two weeks later of a cerebral hemorrhage from the blow. He was only 21 years old. They brought his remains back to Mason City where he is buried beside his father, Moses A., in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.