Ernest M. & Margaret (Braun) Hall Family

Submitted by Jim Ruckman.


Back (Standing) Row 1: Martha Dotson Hall, Hayes Highland Hall, Hiram Hill Hall, Aaron Silonous Bills, Ralph Smith Roby, Ray Carder, Dove Hall Wilson, Bird Nellis Hall, Margaret Eileen Bills, Virginia Lee Bills, Harry Harrison Hall, Joseph Clyde Reynolds, Weltha Hall Reynolds, Cassie Hall White, George Bruce White.

Row 2: Leah Margaret Wilson, Alfred Elmer Wilson, Howard Homer Bills, Fannie Hall Bills, Victoria DeLong Hall, Mayme Dotson Hall, Lucille Carder Hall, Madeline Carder, Myrtle Hall Roby, Evelyn Marie Roby, George Levernon Bills, Golda May Bills, Mary Miller Hall, Hudson Herbert Hall, Hazel Robinson Hall.

Row 3: Alva H. White, Ernest Henry Reynolds, Lola Hall, Hazel Reynolds, Lula Hall, Charles Ernest Hall, Nina Hall, Denton Eugene Hall, Cassie Victoria Hall, Mary Reynolds, Elsie Hall, Amy Edith Bills, William Ernest Hall, Charles Chester Bills, Ralph Morgan Roby, Carlton White Roby, Samuel Ray White.

(Sitting on ground) Row 4: Paul Hall, Helen Lenore Wilson, Julian Hall, Clinton Gale Hall, Clarence Roden Reynolds, Foster Carder, Crandall Hall, Howard Franklin Bills, Clyde V. Hall.

Note from Jim Ruckman:
This picture came to me from Lula Hall Snyder (pictured) with twin sister, Lola (pictured). I stopped to visit her many times in search for identification of family members. This took about 2 1/2 years to get second opinion on each person. The task was accomplished in May, 2001.

The picture was taken at the Reynolds home located "at the top of Pike" in Pleasants County Vernacular. There is general agreemant it was around 1920. After much discussion, thought & prayer, I firmly believe it was taken in October, 1921. The occasion, most certainly, is a gathering after the funeral of Ernest M. Hall.

My mother is Leah Margaret Wilson (pictured), being held by my grandfather, Elmer Wilson. My grandmother, Dove Hall Wilson, is in the top row, the 7th one over.


Seated in center front: Ernest Martin Hall (4/18/1852-10-27/1921); Margaret (Braun) Hall (1855-1917).

Standing front left: Hudson Herbert Hall (1898-1952)

Standing front right: Dove Hall (4/23/1897-3/12/1987)

Back Row: Harry Harrison Hall (10/26/1891-10/27/1956); Hiram Hill Hall (3/30/1894-1972); Myrtle Eva Hall (8/8/1897-1/12/1970); Hayes Highland Hall (1875-1939); Fannie Cecilia Hall (4/26/1874-12/26/1936); Howard Homer Hall (1893-1960); Weltha Eva Hall (3/21/1885-1/18/1957); Cassie Ellen Hall (12/9/1880-11/20/1965).

Note from Jim Ruckman:
I believe this picture of the Ernest & Margaret Hall Family was taken around 1910. That date is a judgement guess based on Dove's (my grandmother) probable age at that time. I reckoned about 13, maybe younger.

As far as anyone knows, this is the only picture existing which has the entire family. Ernest was called "Toadie" and Margaret was "Maggie."

Submitted by Bessie Gumm.


Believed to be Martin Hall, father of Ernest.


Tombstone of Martin & Margaret (Harris) Hall, parents of Ernest Hall. Buried in
Madden Cemetery, north of Redhouse (Putnam County) West Virginia, off of Route 34.