Wright - Keeder Family

Submitted by Margaret M. Cloy.

These are members of the KEEDER/KIDDER, WRIGHT, KNIGHT family but some are not identified. Please WRITE if you recognize anyone in the photo.

The one holding the baby is Delia/Della Wright Keeder and the baby is Connie/Goldie Keeder. The two in the back on the right are Mary Jane & Anthony Wright.

This picture was taken before 1914 because Donald Keeder died around that date.

This is what is has written on the back of the picture:

Front row, left to right: Mamie/Manie Aunt Jen's daughter; Jeniva, My sister; the next two I don't know; the next Herman my brother; the next Donald my brother; the next Louie Wright; the next Thurman Wright; Louie and Thurman are Uncle Francis Children

Rear row, left to right: Aunt Jennie your sister; next my mother and me in her arms; next Aunt Vesta; next Nellie Jennies Daughter; next Aunt Carrie Aunt Carrie is also your sisters child; next my grandma and grandpa Wright

I hope you understand this
Love Goldie