MARY L. LAMP  -   SEPTEMBER 29, 2002







I.             Johannes Lamp and wife Susannah in Lehigh and Montgomery Counties

in Pennsylvania.


     A.  1750 -  List of passengers imported in the ship Priscilla,

William Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam.  Qualified Sept. 12,

1750 ... Johannes Lamb.


      B.  1752 - Johannes and Susannah Lamp sponsor baptism of Johannes

Newhart, Egypt Reformed Church, Lehigh County, Pa.



II.           John Lamp and son George in Frederick County, Virginia


     A.  1768 - John Lamp 320 acre survey dated April 17, 1768 in

Frederick County, Virginia.


     B.  1790 - John Lamp assigns 320 acre survey to son George Lamp.


     C.  1810 - George and wife Elizabeth sell land in Frederick

County, Virginia to Peter Milhorn, Sept. 3,  1810.


     D.  The two story log house built by George Lamp in Frederick

County, Virginia was still standing in 1994.



III.         George Lamp and wife Elizabeth in Belmont County, Ohio 1813.


     A.  1815 - George Lamp and wife Elizabeth sell 279 acres in

Frederick County, Virginia to George's  brothers,  Henry and

John, July 15,1815.  Belmont County Court acknowledgement,

certified to the Frederick County Court, July 20, 1815 at St.



     B.  George Lamp built a grist mill on Captina Creek, Goshen

Township, Belmont County, Ohio.          


      C. 1813 -  Jacob Lamp marries Susannah Snider, August 16, 1813 in

Belmont County, Ohio.6              


     D. 1819 -  Joseph Lamp marries Martha Hesson September 2, 1819 in

Belmont County, Ohio.7



IV.         Susannah Lamp and children in Tyler County, VA/Pleasants County,

West Virginia.


     A.  1835 -  Susannah was born near Harrisburg, PA, in 1794, and

died in 1891, at the age of 97. With her ten children she moved

from Captina Creek to McKim in 1835.  Her children were John,

married to Sarah Hanes; George, to Abigail Hanes; Abram, to Elizabeth

Varner;  Henry, to a Miss Ward;  Joshua, to Lottie Virden; Sarah

to a Milhoan;  Margaret, to Joseph Varner; Catherine, to Seth Ward;

Caroline to Eli Wilson.8


About the year 1835, a Mr. Lamp (Jacob) brought his wife and ten

children to West Virginia from Ohio, and bought land in Tyler

County, which was later known as the Matthias Lamp Farm.  He gave

(Susannah)  the farm and one thousand dollars, with the understanding

that she was to give each child one hundred dollars as they reached

the age of twenty-one.  There was no house on this farm, so they

built a temporary dwelling of brush.9  Susannah (Snyder) Lamp was

full German.  She smoked a clay pipe.  She sang to her Granddaughter

Mary Alice (Wilson) Israel in German from a German song book and also

had a Bible printed in the German language.10


     B.  1847 - Susannah Lamp was among the first members of the Pine

Grove Church of Christ11 and was laid to rest in 1891 in the

Church Cemetery .


     C.  Leah Lamp, my G. G. Grandmother, tenth child of Jacob and

Susannah Lamp married William L. Wilson , son of Ralph and Mary

Wilson, in Tyler County, VA.12


     D.  George , the second son, was a wood worker, making wagons,

furniture, spinning wheels, etc.  He made the window frames for the

Cain House in St. Marys.13


     E. Eli and Caroline Wilson built the log house on McKim, now used

for the Four-H Club, (1929).14


     F. John Lamp owned a large tract of land at Jonestown, a dam, saw

mill and grist mill.  During the (Civil) war someone tried to

undermine the dam with quick silver.  In the spring when McKim Creek

was high, he ran his logs down to the Ohio River and then to Cincinnati

and sold them, returning home on a boat.15


                CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  VA  COUNTY:  Tyler  REEL

NO:  M432-979  PAGE NO:  362b  REFERENCE:  29 August 1850 by Samuel

Billingsley, Ass't Marshall



24  565  563 Lamp   John 34 M Miller $3,000 Ohio

25  565  563 Lamp   Sarah 28 F Virginia

26  565  563 Lamp   Eliza 6 F Virginia

27  565  563 Lamp   Hannah 3 F Virginia


                In 1850 - John Lamp was one of the more affluent men in Tyler




V.           Joseph and Martha Lamp in Tyler County, VA/Pleasants County, West



     A.  After 1840 Joseph and Martha (Hesson) Lamp settled at the

mouth of Cave run, where he     built a saw mill and grist mill.  His

wife is said to have descended from the Hessians who had been

brought from Germany to aid King George in the Revolution.  Nine of

their 10 children grew to maturity and married.  They were

Abram, married to Mary Hanes;  David, to Hannah Moore;  Isaac, to

Martha Ward; Serena, to Greenberry Jones;  Jane, to John Morgan;

Elizabeth, to Simeon Jones;  Christina, to Ralph Hanes; and Jacob,

to Nancy Odell.17


     B.  Mary Ann Lamp, my husband Kenneth's G. G. Grandmother was

also a daughter of  Joseph and Martha Lamp.  George W., Matthias

and Cinderella Lamp were the children of Mary Ann Lamp, their

father is unknown.18


     C.  Joseph and Martha (Hesson) Lamp are buried in the Pine Grove




VI.         Jacob Lamp, Catherine Stacker and family in Licking County, Ohio


     A.  Jacob had fathered three children by Catherine before his

wife Susannah left him. Refer to birth dates;  Solomon Lamp, Dec.

25, 1829 by Catherine; Caroline Lamp, May 27, 1830 by Susannah;

Leah Lamp, May 28, 1832 by Susannah; Lavina Lamp, Dec. 5, 1832 by

Catherine; Nimrod Lamp, Nov. 4, 1835 by Catherine; and Joshua

Lamp, 1835 by Susannah. 20


     B.  In 1838 Jacob Lamp built a brick house in the Town of

Amsterdam, Licking County, Ohio. where he lived until his final

illness.  He died Jan. 25, 1886 at the home of his daughter.  Jacob

is buried beside Catherine in the Fairmont Church Cemetery,

Licking County, OH.21





To our pioneer ancestors, who braved the crossing of the Atlantic

and homesteaded in the American wilderness.  To my friend Connie

Richardson, who collected much of this history. Her notebook provided

some of the information used in this report.  To many other descendants

who have graciously shared their notes.





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