Virginia Lenna Jones Brown

Descendant of Pleasants County Seckman Family


Lenna & Emma Jones, circa 1891-92

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lovingly submitted by granddaughter,
Lenore Radcliffe Yeager.

Oak Hill Normal School, Pleasants County, West Virginia


This Booklet belonged to my Grandmother, Virginia Lenna Jones, born August 25, 1887. Lenna was the daughter of Mary Florence Seckman, born July 16, 1859 in Jackson Co, Va., and Sidney Rusell Jones, born November 06, 1856 in Tyler County, Va. Mary Florence and Sidney Rusell Jones were married in Pleasants County on November 09, 1875.

After graduating from this fine "Finishing School," as my Great Grandma used to recollect, Virginia "Lenna" Jones divided her time, living with her parents who had moved to Webster County, and her Grandparents living in Pleasants. Lenna married Delbert Brown on October 29, 1905 at Webster Springs, WV. Delbert was born June l2, 1887 in Nicholas County, WV. They had three children: Elma Edith Brown, born July 23, 1906; Everett Earnie Brown, born February 24, 1908 and Grace Inez Brown, born August 12, 1910.

Lenna became ill with tuberculosis and died on August 22, 1911 in Webster County, WV, just three days before her 24th birthday. Her children were raised by her mother, Mary Florence Seckman Jones.

Mary Florence Seckman was the daughter of Sarah Jane Coen, born July 25, 1837 in Washington County, Ohio and Benjamin Franklin Seckman, born November 17, 1834 in Greene County, Pa. They were married in Pleasants County on August 07, 1856.

Sidney Rusell Jones was the son of Elizabeth Lamp, born about 1832 in Ohio and Simeon Simpson Jones, born 1833 in Tyler County, Va. They were married about 1854, place unknown.


Virginia Lenna Jones wanted desperately to live and raise her children. The following letters bring tears to my eyes as I try to imagine how distraught she must have been:

May 04, 1911

Chicago Tuberculosis Institution

Dear Sir:
I saw an advertisement in Home Journal of
"The Outdoor Life For Consumption," which
I have had for two years. My lungs are getting
very bad. I would like to have information on
how to be cured.
Please answer soon,

Yours Respectfully,
Lenna Brown

             June 24, 1911

Bodi Tone Company
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sir:
I have lung trouble and a run down system.
I was advised by a friend to send for your
treatment. Please send me your treatment.

Yours Respectfully,
Lenna Brown

The Story of the Dove

Virginia Lenna Jones died in her home at Poplar Siding, near Halo, West Va. in Webster County, on August 22, 1911. The road from Cowen to Halo now runs through the middle of her farm.

A snow white dove kept vigilance by circling above the roof of her home, resting briefly on the fieldstone chimney. The dove had been observed by the family as the dawn arrived. As Lenna departed from her earthly body, the dove sat quietly on the chimney, then sailed high into the air and swiftly disappeared as though it was carrying her faithful spirit to the gates of heaven. Lenna had committed her life to Christ at an early age. She was given this remembrance by her Sunday School Teacher as as pictured in her scrapbook.

Obituaries of Virginia Lenna Jones Brown

Virginia Lenna Jones Brown
(probably clipped from "The Enquirer")

The pale messenger, Death, visited the little neighborhood of Poplar Siding near Cowen in the morning of August 22, 1911, and claimed for his own, Mrs. Lenna Brown, wife of Delbert Brown, and daughter of Mary Florence and Russell Jones.

Mrs. Brown was born near Webster Springs, WV on Aug. 25,1887 and died in her 24th year. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband, three small children, a mother, two sisters, and two brothers.

Mrs. Brown was a little woman of kind and lovable disposition, whose greatest worldly interest seemed to be in her home and children, seldom leaving her home even for a short visit. Her time was spent caring for home and her little family. She lived nothing but a life of honesty and purity throughout the years of her short stay here on earth. A few days before her death she said to her friends, "I should like to live to bring up my little children, but if it's the Lords will to take me, I am ready to go."

For two years she had been afflicted with that dread disease, consumption. During her sickness she bore all her sufferings with the greatest patience, without murmuring or complaint. On August 23rd after funeral services in the Southern Methodist Church, her body was laid to rest by her father's grave in the Odd Fellows Cemetary at Cowen.

While her home has lost that most precious jewel "Mother," we feel that our loss is her gain. Weep not for her, dear friends, for awhile.

A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.

God in his mercy hath recalled
The boon His love hath given,
And though her body molders here
Her sole is safe in Heaven.
........... A FRIEND

Virginia Lenna Jones Brown
(probably appeared in Webster Echo)

Lennie Brown, wife of Delbert Brown of near Cowen, on the 22nd inst., departed this life of the dread disease, tuberculosis, from which she had been a long term sufferer. Mrs. Brown was a daughter of the late Russell Jones, who was well known in this county. The deceased leaves a husband and three small children to mourn her loss. She has been a consistent church member for several years. Her remains were brought to Cowen and laid to rest in the I.O.O.F. cemetary, by the side of her father. Many sorrowing friends accompanied the body to its last resting place.

Oh dear little children, do not weep,
On earth you'll meet no more;
But live such lives that in the end
You'll meet on yonder shore.

Oh not in cruelty, not in wrath,
The Reaper came that day
Twas an angel visited the green earth,
And took our friend away.

Virginia "Lenna" Jones Brown had been suffering with a dreaded disease which swept across Webster County in the early 1900's, for at least two years. Her older brother, Benoni Jones, born August 09, 1878 in Pleasants County, and older sister Elizabeth Jane Jones Hamrick, born November 13, 1876 in Pleasants County, had also been infected.

In desperation for a cure, Lenna and her sister Elizabeth Jane, accompanied by Elizabeth Jane's husband Adam "Hinkle" Hamrick, boarded the train to Colorado Springs where news of a well known clinic was claiming cures for Consumption and Tuberculosis. Their children were left in the care of their Mother Mary Florence Seckman Jones.

Lenna, Elizabeth and Adam got off the train in Pleasants and spent the night with their Grandmother Elizabeth Lamp Jones. Lenna became ill during the night and started to hemmorage. It was determined she was unable to make the long trip to Colorado, would rest a few days, then return to Webster. Her sister Elizabeth Jane Jones and husband, Adam "Hinkle" Hamrick, went on to Colorado Springs where Elizabeth did improve and lived until April 01, 1922, when she died of Spanish Influenza. Their brother Benoni Jones died September 28, 1918 in Webster County, after years of fighting the distressing disease.

A brother, Christopher Guy Jones, born September 26, 1880 in Pleasants County, escaped infection by taking the train to Colorado in 1912, and buying a ranch about 50 miles outside of Colorado Springs, in Kendrix, Colorado. Christopher married Sudie Robertson about 1914. Sudie was born in Bangor, Maine. Christopher and Sudie had one son, Samuel Robertson Jones, born May 10, 1915 in Colorado.

The youngest child of Mary Florence Seckman and Sidney Russell Jones, was Emma Jackson Jones, born April 18, 1890 in Jackson Co., according to her Bible. Her obituary says Webster, but Mary Florence was still living in Pleasants with the children while Sidney Russell was establishing his Lumber Camp on Tea Creek in Pochantas County, on the edge of Webster. Emma Jackson Jones helped her mother raise the three young, motherless children of her sister, Lenna. She became a teacher and taught at her first Webster County School in 1910.