Genealogy of the Maxwell Family

Compiled by Edmond Maxwell, 1947.

Submitted by Gregory H. Maxwell



     Since I have typed this Family Tree I am taking the liberty to write the dedication. I am sure that all of the relatives will cast their votes unanimously with me.

     Let us dedicate this booklet to our beloved friend and relative, Ed Maxwell, whose untiring efforts has made this information available to us. He has hosts of friends from coast to coast, and I doubt if he has an enemy. Always ready to help the one in need, always cheerful, never complaining. A great traveler that sees all of Natures beauty. Ed has made life a little brighter wherever he has gone.

Jesse L. Nelson


     "Time is passing swiftly by going, going, going, never to return again, and as time passes our friends are dropping by this way. Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives, Uncles, Aunts, Sons and Daughters, Friends and Associates, many of them near and dear to us as our own lives. And what does or should this all teach us? It should teach us that we too must soon go the way they have traveled before us. When we consider the uncertainty of life and the great future that awaits us, it should constrain us to live in the service of our Redeemer who has done so much for us, and he prepared for the end so that when He comes we can meet him with pleasure and not in sorrow."

Charles L. Maxwell, Hebron, West Virginia.


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Maxwell, Samuel, Sr.
Maxwell, Samuel, Jr.
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, Samuel Scott
Maxwell, Charles Lowery
Maxwell, Sarah Dillon
Maxwell, Charles Stanton
Maxwell, Lavaria Martin
Maxwell, Kennedy
Maxwell, Martha Davis
Maxwell, Mary Weekley
Weekley, Addie Stephenson
Weekley, Mattie Allen
Weekley, Walter Scott
Maxwell, Leander Burns
Maxwell, Samuel Leroy
Loe, Cora Sterling
Maxwell, James Francis
Maxwell, Lee Brock
Maxwell, Albert Rymer
Maxwell, Edmond Howard
Maxwell, George Tracy
Maxwell, John Byron
Royce, Everett
Maxwell, Ann Zavitz
Maxwell, Darwin Stanton
Maxwell, Blanche Nelson
Maxwell, Winnie Brown
Maxwell, Gr. Uncle Smiley
Yonaley, Lewis, Jr.
Morgan, Clarence K.
Morgan, Faran
Wright, Edgar
Creager, Cuba
Wagner, Clairinda
Wagner, Leslie
Conklin, Bessie
Campbell, Jane
Maxwell, Porter
Kelly, Josie
Weekley, Will
Weekley, Harry
Weekley, Claire D.


     Gr. Gr. Gr. Father Samuel Maxwell, Sr., came from Scotland. Supposed to be buried near Carlisle, Pa., at meeting house church. Organized 1734 - names about all washed from grave markers.

     Gr. Gr. Father Samuel Maxwell, son of Samuel Maxwell: From State Library - History of Washington County, Pa.

     "Samuel Maxwell was born near Carlisle, Pa., Oct. 23, 1776, and died Oct. 9, 1865. About the year 1800 he purchased a farm near Hollidays Cove, West Va. (then Brooke Co., Va., now Hancock Co., W. Va.), which was his home until his death. He was very highly esteemed as a neighbor and a citizen. He was for over 50 years a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, having been ordained to the office by the Rev. Elisha McCurdy, in the Church known as the "Three Springs," in the burial grounds of which his body awaits the resurrection of the Just."

     "He was twice married. First to Sarah Scott, by whom he had five sons; Samuel Scott, Smiley, John, Robert, and William (who died in infancy,) and one daughter, Elizabeth, who became the bride of Mr. Welsh. Their son, Rev. Josiah Welsh, was the founder, and until his death in 1877, the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Maxwell and his second wife, Jane Fulton McClusky, were married Aug. 18, 1831. The children of Samuel and Jane McClusky: William, Aug. 9, 1832, died at Williamsburg, Va., in 1832. Second son, James McClusky Maxwell, Aug. 1, 1837. D.D. a Presbyterian Minister. James the Minister, erected the monument to his father, Samuel, in Three Springs Cemetery. Joseph Henry, third son, born March 10, 1840, was an extensive wheat grower near Dawson, Minnesota."

     Robert, Samuel's brother, was born in 1773 and died in 1835. He and his wife, Hannah Graham Maxwell, are buried at North Buffalo Church, on highway 31 out of Little Washington, Pa., about 7 miles out. John C. H. Maxwell, a Gr. Gr. son of Robert, lives on highway 31, R.F.D. 5. All of John C. H.'s Grand Fathers are buried in a row in the beautiful cemetery at North Buffalo Church. Robert and Hannah had nine children - James,


Esther, Joseph, Julia, Sarah, John, Robert, Eleanor, and Jane. The son James was the father of William Maxwell, who was the father of John C. H. Maxwell. You will see that I only give the John C. H. branch of the family as he is the only one I have seen. I saw him once, in 1941, for about two hours. He went with us to the North Buffalo Church. His home on highway 31 out of Little Washington was 166 years old, originally the Robert Fulton farm. (Inventer of the steamboat.)

     Back to Samuel Scott, Smiley, and Elizabeth: Gr. Aunt Elizabeth married a man by the name of Welsh, and they apparently lived at Urchersville, Ohio. One son, Josiah, founded the First Presbyterian Church at Salt Lake City, Utah. Gr. Fa. Samuel Scott Maxwell was born at Hollidays Cove, W. Va., Aug. 27, 1805, and died at Hebron, W. Va., on Dec. 22, 1888. He is buried at Pine Grove. His wife, Eliza Lowery, was born March 21, 1807, and died Oct. 7, 1859. Samuel and Eliza moved to Pleasants County, W. Va. There they bought a farm, named the Post Office Hebron, and organized the Church of Christ at Pine Grove. There many Maxwells are buried and await the resurrection of the Just.

     Samuel and Eliza had ten children - Sarah "Dillon," Chas. Lowery, Charlotte, Leander Burns, John Byron, Darwin Stanton, James Allen (starved to death in the Andersonville Prison), Eliza Jane, Mary "Nance," and Margaret "Kern."

     *Sarah and David Dillon had two children - *John and Myrtle "Nettleton." David Dillon was also the father of Walter, Ida "Sheets," and Edna.

     *Charles Lowery and *Harriet Waters lived across McKim creek from his father and operated a grist mill run by water power. They had five children - *Addie, Stanton, *Mary E. "Wheekley," *Lavaria "Martin," and *Kennedy.

     *Stanton and Viola Huskar lived on a farm near Oreana, Ill. Their four children - Harland Perry, Maud "Albert," Fern "Long," and Bessie "Lewis."

     Harland and Patricia Parter - Decatur, Ill. Children - Harland Jr. and Patricia Parter.


     Harley Jr. and Patricia - Decatur, Ill. New baby son, Richard.

     Maud and William Albert - 128 No. Woodlawn, Decatur, Ill. Children - Virginia "White" and Ward Albert.

     Virginia and William White - Decatur, Ill.

     Ward and Hattie Long live at 722 Marine St., Santa Monica, Calif. They had a child in June, 1945, Judy Alice.

     Fern and Ralph Long - Decatur, Ill. Children - Evelyn, Edna, Mary, *Martha, and Charles.

     Charles and Betty Delphina - Lake Shore drive, R. R. 7, Box 396, Decatur, Ill. One child - Freddie Eugene. Eugene.

     Evelyn and John Enos Albert - Decatur, Ill. Children - Vincent Eugene, Joanne Elaine, John, and Richard, 2442 Graceland.

     Edna and Homer Stoutnbaugh - Children - Paul Leslie, Billy Boy, and Roger - Kennery, Ill.

     Mary and Earl Sailes - 1126 E. Prairie street, Decatur, Ill. Children - Charles and Betty Johnson Long, Lonnie Ray.

     Bessie and Irl Lewis - 719 N. Church street, Decatur, Ill. Children - Alice "Binns," Dartha, Erma.

     Alice Lorraine and Russell Binns - Decatur, Ill. Children - Barbara Alice and William Wayne.

     *Lavaria and Blair Martin - Ellenbora, W. Va. Children - Ethel "Yonaley," Grace "Morgan," Ora, Gail, Eliza, and Virgil.

     Ethel and Lew Yonaley - Highland, W. Va. Children - Homer, Earlie, Gladys, Kenneth, and Rosa.

     Homer and Zelma - Beach Bottom, West Va. Children - Bessie, Ethel and Grace.

     Earlie and Anna - Highland, West Va. Children - Charles and Nina Lea.

     Desmond and Rosa Locke - Highland, West Va. Children - Billie, Francis, Beulah and Lavara.

     Gladis and Ben Cunningham - Dundas, Ill. Children - Cora Dean and Robert Franklin.

     Lewis Jr. and Mollie - West Va. Child - Roland Lee.


     *Grace and Ora Morgan - R.F.D. 3 Pennsbora, W. Va. Children - Mervel C., Clarence K., Richard A., and Glen K.

     Marvel C. and Ruth Doak - 4091 Styler Road, Gahanna, Ohio. Children - Beulah, Shirley and Dickie.

     Clarence K. and Alta McIntise - 541 School Street, Columbus, Ohio. Child - Jerry Allen.

     Richard and Hazel Doak - 1728 Sherman Avenue, Norwood, Ohio. Child - Barry.

     Glen E. and Mabel Wilcox - 257 River Street, Salmonca, N.Y. Children - Patrick and Richard.

     Ora and Marshall Robinson - Box 104, Mugnitic Springs, Ohio. Children - Fern, Elmer, Vaun, Wilda, and Wilma.

     Eliza and Harry Garner - Pennsbora, W. Va. Child - Myra.

     Virgil Martin - 1530 Hillger Avenue, Detroit, Mich. Children - William Irvin, Marvin M., Claude F., and Phyllis.

     *Kennedy and Martha (correction: Mattie) Ayers - 905 West Main, Decatur, Ill. Children - Fay, Gertrude "Williams," Paul, Hugh, Martha, and Alice "Hauff," an adopted girl - (Good).

     Fay Maxwell and Bessie - 119 Gilpen Street, Oceanview, Roanoke, Va. Children by first wife - Thomas and Alice. Second wife, Lavenia. Their children - Scott and Betty Jane.

     Gertrude and Mr. Williams - 270 Forest Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Ill. One adopted daughter - Nancy Williams. (Good.)

     Paul and Florence - 233 So. Clinton, Oak Park, Ill. Children - William Paul, Robert M., and Elaine.

     Hugh and Dartha (correction: Dorothy) - 5693 Ohio River Road, Huntington, W. Va. Children - Hugh Jr., Richard, Allen (correction: Alan), Ronald, Rita, and David.

     Martha and Paul Davis - 250 Rushnell Street, Conneant, Ohio. One adopted daughter - Cynthia Davis. (Good.)

     Alice and V. G. Hauff - Valpariso, Ind. Child - James A. Hauff.


     Elaine and Clair Olmstead. Child - Paul Micul.

     *Mary E. Maxwell, born in Hebron, W. Va., buried at Exeter, Calif., and John C. Weekley, born in Hebron, W. Va., address - Rt. 1, Box 182, Woodlake, Calif. Children - Goldie "Anaway," Harry, Edwinnie "Miramonte," Addie B. "Stephenson," Mattie "Allen," Ward, *Howard, Rose "Chum," Edna N. "Shearer," Walter Scott, Edith "Howard," and Raymond Maxwell Weekley. You see Grandfather's name - "Scott Maxwell."

     Goldie and Louis Anaway - 3850 Piedmont, Oakland, Calif. Children - Evelyn "Clonkhite," Fern, Anita, and John C.

     Evelyn and Rio Clonkhite - Oakland, Calif.

     Fern and Frank Stacey. Children - Jordan N., Twila, and Clorene.

     Fern and Norman Chapman - second marriage. Child - Patrick M.

     Anita and Robert Claussen - Oakland, Calif.

     John C. and Laverne House. Children - John Clark Jr., and Michael C.

     *Harry C. Weekley and Rebecca Morgan. Children - Eva "Gahura," and Howard.

     Eva and Frank Gahura - 4436 Grant, Fresno, Calif. Children - Janetta Joyce, and Marcia Gayle.

     Howard and Reba Edgington -

     Edwinnie and Henry Miramonte - 3049 Shattuck Avenue, Berkley, Calif. Children - Harold and Genie Elizabeth.

     Addie B. and Dale Stephenson - Rt. 1, Box 47, Woodlake, Calif. Children - Bernice "Epperson," Marie "Thompson," Harold, Dorine "Ashin," Rachel "Stephens," and Eula "Prior."

     Bernice and Donald Epperson. Children - Ilene, Merilyn, and Joan.

     Marie and Ben Thompson. Children - Derrel and Tommy.

     Harold Stephenson and Marian Chum. Children - Leland, Roland, and Phyllis. Also Robert Lois Stephenson born Feb. 13, '47. My birthday, Feb. 13, 1876.


     Dorine and Harry Ashin. Children - Dean and Billy.

     Rachel and Eugene Stephens - Newly married, Good Luck.

     Eula and Harold Prior - "Nice big family."

     Mattie Weekley and Frank Allen - 3068 Locust Street, Riverside, Calif. Children - Leonard, Leland, and June N. Allen.

     Leonard and Virginia Wheeler. Children - Leonard Jr. and James. Also John H. Lynn - 2263 Main Street, Riverside, Calif.

     Leland and Mary Hevelin. Child - Dennis M.

     Ward Weekley and Edith Hettick - R.F.D. 1, Exeter, Calif. Children - Lavern, Willard, and Velma Weekley.

     Howard Weekley - born 1896, died 1897.

     Rosa Weekley and Louie Chum - R.R. 1, Woodlake, Calif. Children - Edna Pearl, Marian (adopted, "Good"), Harold, Earland, and Madgel.

     Marian and Harold Stephenson - Cousins by "Adoption."

     Earland Chum and Betty Stump. Child - Judith E.

     Edna M. Weekley and Ralph Shearer - 1137 K Street, Reedley, Calif. Children - Donald, Joan E. (died in 1932), and Chester.

     Walter Scott Weekley and Surlister Martin - Rt. 1, Box 642-A, Exeter, Calif. Children - Maxwell Walter, Martin Royal, and Marvel Clark.

     Edith Weekley and Grant Howard - 448 Ness Avenue, Coalingo, Calif. Children - Jay Howard (Adopted, "Good"), Lois, and Hilda (died in 1938).

     Raymond Maxwell Weekley and Grace Patterson - Rt. 1, Box 642-A, Exeter, Calif. Children - Vernon R., Darline A., Deloris L., and Norman Lee.

     *Leander B. Maxwell, born 1834 at Hollidays Cove, W. Va. Died in 1907. Buried in the City Cemetery at Bonner Springs, Kansas. First wife - Josine Hammond Maxwell, born in 1840 and died in 1876, five months after I was born. She asked Aunt Betty Gatrell to take me, and raise me, which she did. When she died, Stephen, her


son, and his wife, Lena Gatrell, finished "raisin" me. (A good home.) Leander was a Dr. in the Civil War, and later County Commissioner of Pleasants Co., W. Va. In 1888 he moved to Bonner Springs, Kansas, and was appointed Post Master there, by Teddy Roosevelt. Children by Leander and Josine - Cliffie - (he was killed by an old fashioned well windlass when he was 2 1/2 years old), Samuel L., James Francis, Leslie M., Albert Rymer, and Edmond Howard, born Feb. 13, 1876.

     *Kate Tracy, second wife of Leander Maxwell, was born near Hebron, W. Va. Their children - George T., Oliver H. (baby in Pine Grove), and Clyde Lee Maxwell. Leander and Kate are buried at Bonner Springs, Kansas.

     Samuel LeRoy Maxwell, born at Hebron, W. Va., buried at Oklahoma City, Okla. Samuel and May Miller - Oklahoma City. Children - Hellen and Kathryn "Cox." samuel was a partner in the Dawson Produce Co.

     Kathryn and Lex Cox - Eugene, Oregon. Children - Jane E., Samuel, and *Margaret.

     Jane Elizabeth and Charles Sheldon. Children - Earnest and James.

     Samuel and Marjorie Theda - Eugene, Oregon. Child - Kenneth Harold, born Jan. 25, 1944, and Michel.

     *Charlotte and *Mr. Totten - Sistersville, W. Va. Child - Lida "Loe."

     *Lida and *Albert Loe - Hutchinson, Kansas. Child - Cora "Sterling."

     Cora and C. R. Sterling, 154 W. Merrill, Phoenix, Arizona. Children - Elizabeth Sterling, 4952 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.; Dorotha Sterling, Missionary in China, and Rotchacher Loe Sterling.

     Rothacher and Ramona May - 106 Mt. Vernon, Prescott, Arizona. Children - Rosalie and James Arthur Sterling.

     James Francis Maxwell, son of Leander B. and Josine, born in Indiana. James F. and Emma Brock - both buried at Flora, Ill. Children - Leota "Wood," Doris "Priest," Frances "Brentlinger," Josine "Brissenden," Lee Brock, *Bessie Pearl, *James Edward, Mary Virginia "Faulkner,"

PAGE 10.

Rymer, Lucille "Walton," and Emma Lenora "Theurer."

     James Francis and Olive Defenbaugh - second wife of Hebron, W. Va. Child - Samuel Stanton Maxwell, in the U. S. Navy. Now Hebron, W. Va.

     Leota and Walter Wood - 142 Walter Woolper Avenue, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. Children - Martha "Devanney," Walter Jr., Barbara, Emma Lue and Elmer Eugene.

     Martha and Thomas Devanney - Ellenwood. Child - Thomas Michael.

     Walter Wood and Barbara - Bulto, Md. Child - Christie Ann and Burry Dean.

     Doris and Lee Priest - Pittsburgh, Pa. Child - Francis E. Priest.

     Frances and Kenneth Brentlinger - Flora, Ill. Children - Robert (overseas), and William Brock (in service). Brock and Barbara were married Dec. 29, '46.

     Josine and Oscar Brissenden - 205 E. Howard Street, Pontiac, Ill. Children - Helen Joan and Doris Jeanne.

     Joan and John Boltz - 921 Eastwood Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

     Lee Brock Maxwell and Winifred Smart - 100 Division Street, Earlinger, Ky. Children - Marylan Josine, Carol Lee, and David Brock.

     Mary Virginia and Lyle Faulkner - Rt. 1, Box 187, Bethel, Ohio. A "Sweet" Nurse.

     Rymer and Juanita Lindsay - Rt. 1, Box 127, Batavia, Ohio. Children - Jerry Rymer and Neal Lindsay and Kuren Sue.

     Lucille and Edgar Walton - Dayton, Ohio. Children - Joyce Ileene and Lary Edgar.

     Emma Lenora and James Theurer - Ametia, Ohio. Children - Judith Ann and Stephen Edward.

     Leslie and Addie Frame - 2124 Elliott, Denver, Colo. Leslie died and Addie married Howard Behem.

     Albert Rymer and Emma Peterson. Children - Pauline and Mildred "Shirk."

     Mildred and Ralph Shirk - Augusta, Kansas. Child - Ralph Shirk, Jr. His mother died at childbirth.

PAGE 11.

     *Rymer and Julia, second wife - 425 Maine Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

     Edmund Howard Maxwell, born in Hebron, W. Va., Feb 13, 1876. The year of the Worlds Fair in Philadelphia, and that Colorado became a state. Edmond and Mary B. Dayton of Flora, Ill. Children - Lucian Dayton, Margaret Elisabeth "Dodge," and Samuel Robert (died when three months old). Mary is buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery in Denver.

     Edmond and Bessie Taylor, second wife - 3200 W. 43rd Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

     Lucian and Carolyn Ambrose - 2525 Gehard Street, Maplewood, Mo. Children - Helen and Dorothy, at the same address.

     Hellen and William Thompson - married March 29, '46 - 3923 Chippawa Street, St. Louis, Mo.

     Margaret and John Dodge - 2371 S.E. 51st Avenue, Portland, Ore. Children - Edmond, James, and Martha, named for Grand Mother S. C. Dayton.

     *George T. Maxwell, born in Hebron, W. Va., Nov 26, 1888. Married Nora Martin - 4240 Valejo Street, Denver, Colo. Retired from Rio Grand R.R. Nov 30, '46. Died March 9, 1947. Buried at Crown Hill, Denver, Colo.

     *Oliver H. Maxwell, born in Hebron, W. Va. Married Nell Hettick of Bonner Springs, Kansas. Children - Howard and Paul. Oliver died and Nell married Sim S. Bradford - 4711 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City Kansas. Paul and Nina - 4711 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City.

     Paul and Nina - Liberal, Kansas - with Wm. Hettick Electric Store.

     Howard and Sylvia - Kansas City, Kansas. Children - Marcia and Johann.

     Marcia and Boyce Curts. 634 Freeman Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.

     *Clyde Lee Maxwell was born in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and died in South Gate, Calif. Clyde and Bertie Ramsey - 8982 South Gate Avenue, South Gate, Calif. Child - Marjory "Leonard."

     Marjorie and George Leonard - 3612 Olive Street,

PAGE 12.

Huntington Park, Calif. Children - Jack Maxwell and Janice Lee.

     Howard Maxwell and Irene Hilemannien - Ulysses, Kansas - County Attorney.

     *John Byron Maxwell, born in Hollidays Cove, W. Va. A veteran of the Civil War. Lived in Cornwallis, W. Va. and Findley, Ohio. John and *Elma Vernon - Findley, Ohio. Children - *Fannie "Foster," *Dora, *William, *Paden, *Jesse, Lula "Royce," *Bunard, *Mary, John Jr., Gertrude "Davis," *Nell "Millhouse," Ann "Zavitz," Ella "Patterson," and Dr. *Earl Maxwell. (Some family, 14, second largest in the book).

     William and Clara - 706 So. Armstrong, Kokomo, Ind. Child - Wilbur Maxwell, with the Y.M.C.A. and U.S.O. Clara at 1944 N. Bell, Sharonee, Okla.

     Wilbur and Frances Laymen - 1944 N. Bell, Shawnee Okla. Child - Joan Clarie.

     *Paden and Jennie. Children - Harold, Verna, and Tyler.

     Lula and Mr. Royce. Child - Everett Royce. Lula at N. W. Christine home, Beaverton, Ore.

     Everett and Rufina Loche - 3405 N. E. Broadway, Portland, Ore. Child - Charles Douglass.

     John and Grace - 328 Howard Street, Findley, Ohio. Children - Ruth Anna, and John Maxwell, Jr. - John III.

     Anna and Dr. Brushart - Findley, Ohio.

     Gertrude and James Davis - 1851 West 84th Street, Los Angeles, Calif. Children - Elizabeth "Webster," Louise, and Elnore "Jakel."

     Elizabeth and George Webster - 3236 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara, Calif. Child - Betty Ann.

     Louise and Charles Harris - Los Angeles, Calif.

     Elnore and Frank Jakel. Child Trudelise. James Austin - 1744 Aladden Avenue, New Hide Park, N. Y.

     *Nell and John Millhouse - Toledo, Ohio. Child - Marion.

     Ann and Harvey Zavitz - 33 Marjory Rd., Welland, Canada. Child - Jack Zavitz, who lost his life in service in Germany.

PAGE 13.

     Jack Zavitz and Margaret Carney. Child - Valeria Ann. Wife and baby girl came from England to Welland, Canada.

     Ella and Stanley Patterson - Suqumash, Wash., near Seattle.

     Dr. Earl Maxwell died when a young man.

     *Darwin Stanton Maxwell, a Civil War veteran, wounded in action. Born in Hollidays Cove, W. Va., in 1839. Lived on a farm near Pine Grove Church, three miles from Hebron. He later moved to Gove County, Kansas. His wife, *Anzina Simons, was born in 1838 near Centerville, W. Va. Both are buried in the Gove, Kansas, cemetery. Children - *Lawrence, Blanche G. "Nelson," *Amy "Fullmer," *Eliza "Schiable," Winnie "Brown," and Selma "Bentley."

     *Lawrence and Helen Evarts - Gove, Kansas. Children - *Lois, Isabell "Landon," Virginia "Shearer," and Wayne.

     Isabell and William Landon - 4100 So. Galipago, Englewood, Colo. Child - Awyn Virginia, adopted. (Good.)

     Virginia and Charles E. Shearer. Children - Robert James, Charles Edward, Mary Helen, Lawrence, and Judith Nola.

     Wayne and Nina. Children - Verla Mae, Lance Mason, and Wayne E. Maxwell.

     Blanche and *Nels L. Nelson - Gove, Kansas. Children - Lennie "Nerland," Jesse, Nellie "Glimple," Daphne "Holliman," and Eris "Beaver."

     Lennie and Andrew Nerland - Nome, Alaska.

     Jesse and Florine Hotz - 407 So. Eighth, Lamar, Colo. Child - Lynda Rae.

     Nellie and Bruce Gimple - Hamlet, Indiana. Children - Ardyce, Nelson, and Bonnie Lea.

     Daphne and Bruce Holliman - Sidney, Iowa. Children - Nadine, Vida, Duane, Metta, and Lynn.

     Eris and Hollis Beaver - 1062 Pearl, Denver, Colo. Foreman for construction company.

     *Amy and *William Fullmer - Jerome, Kansas. Chil-

PAGE 14.

     dren - Pearl, Guy, Darwin, William, and Consuella "Wilson."

     Guy and Betty Bentley - Dighton, Kansas. Child - Truda. Guy and Virginia Rayburn, second wife - Dighton, Kansas. Child - Guy Lamar Jr. Three adopted children - Joanne, Joyce, and Stanley.

     Darwin and Pauline - Dighton, Kansas. Children - Marletta, Darwin, Jr., and Billy, William Lamar.

     William and Marie McCrosky - Box 659, Empire, California. Children - Luava, Loyd, Lee Raymond, Janet Karen, Sundra Jean, and Lois Elaine.

     Consuella and Earl Wilson - Shields, Kansas. Children - Delila "Speer," Dean, Keith, Amy, Rex, and Ella Jane.

     *Eliza and Henry Schiable - Gove, Kansas. Children - Fred Macon and Earl Heber, adopted. "Good."

     Earl Heber Schiable and Vaudie Wilkerson - Gove, Kansas. Child - Linda Daron.

     Winnie and Ford Brown - Healy, Kansas. Children - Alberta "York," Clair, Fordie, Thorne, and Iris "Hanna."

     *Alberta and Henry York - Healy, Kansas. Children - Maxine "Kenoyer," Forrest, and Dwight.

     Maxine and Arch Kenoyer - Moscow, Kansas. Children - Robert Ford, Frances Louise, and Nancy Lee.

     Clair and Crystal Cook - Dighton, Kansas. Children - Neal, Leo, and Norman.

     Fordie and Louise Lewis - Gove, Kansas. Sheriff of Gove County.

     Thorne and Beulah Cavanaugh - Shields, Kansas. Children - Kyle and Carol Winnie.

     Iris and Joe Hanna - Healy, Kansas. Children - Clyde, Phyllis, Clinton Ford, Joseph, Marolyn, and Jimmie (who died at the age of five months).

     Selma and *Fritz Bentley - Jerome, Kansas. Children - Vern Stanton, Ronald Leonard Maxwell, Clayton, and Hazel "Priefert."

     Vern and Willis. Child - Yvonne.

     Ronald and Opal Teach.

PAGE 15.

     Leonard and Mae Cavanaugh - Canon City, Colo. Children - Curtis Leonard, Clyde R., Lenora Mae, Charles J., Virgil L., and Willis.

     Clayton and Leah Siebert - Healy, Kansas. Children - Wayne and Valerie.

     Hazel and Fred Priefert - Gove, Kansas. Child - Delores.

     Gr. Uncle *Smiley Maxwell, son of Samuel, and brother of Samuel Scott, was born in Hollidays Cove, W. Va., in 1805, and died May 26, 1877. His first wife was *Mary Hindman. Children - Oella "Morgan" and Francis, who died in the Battle of the Wilderness. Smiley and *Lydia Robinson, second wife, who died June 14, 1886, lived on a nice farm near Pine Grove Church, and gave the ground for the Pine Grove Cemetery, where they are buried. It is 13 miles from St. Marys, W. Va. Their children - *Cyrus K., *Josephine "Williamson," *Clarinda "Wagner," *Jane "Campbell," *Porter, Framey, *Maggie "Weekley," and *Anna "Watson." Anna married Liew Watson's brother, Amos.

     *Oella and *John Morgan. Children _ *Ella and *Faran. They had twin boys in 1877, that died the same date. They raised two orphan children, Claudie Martin and *Ida Sainor. Claudie was killed by a tree falling on him in a storm.

     *Faran Morgan and *Theodosia Weekley, St. Marys, W. Va. Children - Delta (Wright), Arja Faran and Cuba (Creger).

     *Delta and John V. Wright - St. Marys, W. Va. Children - Cuba J. (Simonds), Edgar Weekley, Joseph Denton, Kathleen (Lester), Lenore (Cleaver) and *Morgan, St. Marys, West Va.

     Cuba Jean and Harry Simonds - 1334 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Ill. Children - Jean and Esther.

     Edgar W. Wright and Phyllis Simonton - St. Marys, W. Va. Child - Janet.

     Joseph Denton and Marcelle - 2410 Lavender, New Orleans, La. Child - Joseph Denton, Jr.

     Kathleen and Paul Lester - St. Marys, W. Va. Chil-

PAGE 16.

dren - Ella, Caryl Sue, *Bobbie, Elizabeth Ann and Margaret Linn.

     Leonora and Albert Cleaver- Portsmouth, Va. Child - Sandra.

     *Arja F. Morgan and Eva McCarrier. Children - Earl Wesley and Ruth Arline.

     Cuba L. and Ralph Creager - 1022 Auburn Avenue, Lee Hy Court, Roanoke, Va. Children - John Morgan, Mary Frances and Sara Buckley.

     Cyrus Maxwell and Edwinnie Weekley lived on a farm near Pine Grove Church and both were buried there.

     *Will Weekley and *Winnie, brother and sister married brother and sister, *Margaret and Cyrus Maxwell. John Weekley, brother of Will, married a cousin of Cyrus and Margaret, *Mary E. Maxwell, Uncle Charles' daughter.

     *Josephine and *George Williamson - Raven Rock, W. Va. Children - *Cliffie and Millie.

     *Clarinda and *James Wagner - Hebron, W. Va. Children - George Leslie, Rhoda (Watson), Floyd and Bessie (Conklin).

     Rhoda Wagner and Liew Watson live on a near Pine Grove, where I hunt squirrels and fish, Hebron, W. Va.

     Leslie Wagner and Etta Clovis - Smithfield, W. Va. Children - Clair and Robert.

     Clair and Pearl - Smithfield, W. Va. Child - Louise, adopted. Good.

     Robert Wagner - 1715 Ann St., Parkersburgh, W. Va.

     Prats Tourist Home - Telephone 3447; Office, 420 Market. Telephone 3304-W.

     Floyd and Ada Lamp - 420 Barkwill St., St. Marys, W. Va. Children - two adopted, sister and brother, Juanita and Bennie.

     Bessie and Harve Conklin - 233 Chelsia St., Sistersville, W. Va. Children - Walter and Regenald.

     Walter and Genevieve Slider. Children - Charles and Walter. Walter, Sr. made me a solid walnut desk and smoking set from a tree I picked walnuts from when a boy.

PAGE 17.

     Reginald and Evelyn Bales - Sistersville, W. Va. Child - James Edward.

     Mary Jane Maxwell and W. A. Campbell - buried in Wyuka cemetery, Lincoln, Neb. Children - Charles P., Ethel (Gentil) and W. A. Campbell Jr.

     Charles P. and Esther. Child - one daughter.

     Ethel and Lecon Gentil - San Diego, Calif. Children - Leona Marie and John Earl.

     *Irvin Porter Maxwell and *Rachel Gorrell - Parkersburgh, W. Va. Children - Maud (Depuy), Margaret Josie (Kelly), Pearl B. (Cooper), Irvin Gregg and Hazel (Drury).

     Maud Olive and J. Cash Depuy - one year younger than I am - R.F.D. 6, Bridgeton, N. J.

     Margaret Josie and William Z. Kelly - 4808 Camden Avenue, Parkersburgh, W. Va. Child - Alice Josephine.

     Pearl B. and I. Frank Cooper - 705 Hillsdale, Akron, Ohio. Children - Frank Maxwell and Hazel Virginia.

     Frank Maxwell Cooper and Anna Kittleberger - 959 Whittier Avenue, Akron, Ohio. Children - Frank Christopher and John Frederick.

     Hazel Virginia and John Campbell - 89 Westgay Drive, Akron, Ohio. Children - John Kim, Jefferson and William Gregg.

     *Irvin Gregg Maxwell Jr. and Grace Knoll. Children - Grace Josie and Irvin Gregg Jr. Second wife, Ione Kaiser.

     Grace Josephine and James Anderson - R.F.D. 2, Mentor, Ohio. Children - Sandra Lee, James Maxwell and Patrica Ellen.

     Irvin Gregg Maxwell Jr. and Janet Underwood - 147 Benedict Avenue, Norwalk, Ohio. Child - Irvin Gregg Maxwell the III.

     Hazel Verona and Andrew Drury - 125 Shiphard Avenue, Newark, N. J. Child - Barbara Jeanne.

     *Margaret E. Maxwell and *William Leroy Weekley - Lincoln, Neb. Children - Bernice C. (Marvel), Harry Weekley, Darline (Bute) and Claire.

     Harry E. Weekley and Lottie Hendricks - Auburn,

PAGE 18.

Neb. Children - Robert William, Warren Richard, Elenore and John D.

     Robert William and Helen Terry - Island of Okinowa. Child - Robert William Jr.

     Darlisic Mildred Maxwell and Egie C. Bute. Children - Lois Virginia and Merlin Bute.

     Lois Virginia and Howard McDonald - Tokyo, Japan. Child - Gerry Eugene.

     Claire D. Weekley and Violet French. Children - George Harvey, Margaret Mae and Charles Emory. Second wife, Neve Kennedy, Lincoln Neb., P. O. 271. Margaret Mae Weekley, 18 yrs. - 1905 Sewell, Apt. 4, Lincoln.

     George Harvey and Beverly Rodgers - Washington, D. C.

     *Anna Maxwell and *Amos Watson lived in Lincoln, Neb. Amos married Rhoda Wagner's aunt. Liew Watson, Amos' brother, married Amos' niece, Rhoda, see what it makes out of the two brothers.

     This is the end. I am seventy-one years old today, February 13, 1947.

PAGE 19.


Great Great Grand Father

Henry or Samuel Maxwell, Carlisle, Pa.

Great Grand Father

     Samuel Maxwell, Hollidays Cove, W. Va. Across the Ohio river from Steubenville, Ohio. Three Springs Cemetery. Take toad south of Presbyterian Church to top of hill, go to the center of the new cemetery, face east and walk about 200 feet in old cemetery. Find the grave just north of an outstanding monument, named Orr.

Grand Father

     Samuel Scott Maxwell, Pine Grove cemetery and Church of Christ, about two miles from Hebron, W. Va., and 13 miles from St. Marys, Pleasants County. There are many Maxwells buried there, including my mother, Josine Maxwell. My father, L. B. Maxwell, is buried at Bonner Springs, Kansas.

(Note: With the exception of 3 corrections offered by Gregory H. Maxwell, this booklet is presented on this page unedited. - Linda Fluharty)

(Note: This message was received from Janice Shelton 4 Nov 2009 . Her comments are in []:

Rosa Weekley and Louie Chum - R.R. 1, Woodlake, Calif. Children - Edna Pearl, Marian (adopted, "Good"), Harold, Earland, and Madgel. [Rosa was my great aunt. She went by "Rosie" and her last name was Chun, not Chum.]

Marian and Harold Stephenson - Cousins by "Adoption."

Earland Chum and Betty Stump. Child - Judith E. [Should be Earland Chun]

Edna M. Weekley and Ralph Shearer - 1137 K Street, Reedley, Calif. Children - Donald, Joan E. (died in 1932), and Chester.

[Edna was my grandmother. She had four children, not three. My mother, Dorothy came after Joan (pronounced "Joanne") and before Chester ( who went by "Chet")]

[Donald (who went by "Don") had two adopted sons, Donald Ralph and Mike. Chet had three children, Sandra, Dennis, and Carol. ]

[Dorothy (my mother) married LeRoy Munger and had two daughters, Kathleen and Janice (me) and one adopted son, David. I (Janice) married Duane Shelton and had one son, John. Edna died in 1982 and Ralph in 1987. I lived with him for his last six years at the K Street address in Reedley. ]