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Available from the Anne Royall Chapter NSDAR, Ritchie County, West Virginia

The information on the computer disc (CD) was written & researched by Marion Jones Arthur and put on the disc by David Jones. The book is 444 pages, and indexed. The Jones family was from Tyler County and settled in Ritchie County. They had eleven children: John R., Anne, Samuel R., Esther, James R., William B., Priscilla, Thomas S., Jess I., Ruth & Sarah. Some of these children married into the Cain, Hickman, Collins & Richards families and the CD contains info on them. James Jones was a Revolutionary War Veteran and former Gov. Arch Moore used his service to join the Sons of the American Revolution.

For info on this CD, please contact Pam Stanley at stanley47@zoominternet.net or Jean Moore at jwmoore@ruralnet.org.

Any profit from this disc will be used to restore the Pioneer Cemetery in Harrisville, West Virgina.

BRIAN STUART KESTERSON'S new book is now available!

Campaigning with the 17th Virginia Cavalry,
Night Hawks at Monocacy

The cost is $26.20, including postage.
To order, contact Brian: kesterson@wirefire.com.


A page from the past...... The Borland Springs Hotel

By the turn of the last century the "boom" of the oil and gas industry had taken St. Marys and surrounding communities through an unprecedented period of economic growth.

A natural consequence of this "boom" was the growth of businesses, both public and private. The Borland Springs Hotel was reflective of a rapid growth in wealth and population. Unlike other hotels such as the Chancellor and Blennerhassett in Parkersburg, the Lafayette in Marietta, and the Wells Inn in Sistersville the Borland Springs Hotel in Pleasants County was unique. It was far-removed from a city and possessed the magical allure of mineral water.

J. W. Grimm built the Borland Springs Hotel in 1908 along Bull Creek in Pleasants and Wood Counties. It had 65 rooms, a dining room that seated 90, swimming, canoeing, tennis, croquet, horseback riding and above all - mineral water that was touted to relieve just about every ailment known to mankind. People traveled many miles to "take the cure."

The Hotel operated from 1908 through 1941. By the 1930s the depression had taken a toll on the Hotel's operation and the advent of World War II was the "death sentence." In the late 1950's the Hotel served as a coop to 12,500 chickens - not a very noble ending for such a grand structure!

Mike Naylor, whose family hails from the Borland area, has written a history of the Borland Springs Hotel that is available for sale at People's News and Phillips Pharmacy in St. Marys.

The cost is $15 including shipping.

To order, send a check or Money Order to:
Mike Naylor
935 Cedar Grove Road
Parkersburg, WV 26104-7164

Contact Mike Naylor for additional information.


The book is primarily about the Descendants of Thomas and Rachel Weekley. There is a short section on James Weakley of Maryland who died in Fairfield Co. Ohio and his descendants. Another section includes the descendants of Jacob and William Weekly, sons of Jacob Weekly of Virginia. The book encompasses Weekleys found in West Virginia from 1798 to the 1900s.

Compiled and researched by
Nancy (Weekley) Gates & Sharon (Weekley) Pawlowski.

8 x 11 soft-backed, spiral bound, 349 pages with Index.
Cost is $25.00 per book which includes shipping & handling.

Send book requests to:

Sharon Pawlowski
844 Fairview Ave.
Parkersburg, WV 26101-3823

The History of Pleasants County, West Virginia to 1980

The History of Pleasants County, West Virginia to 1980, published by the Pleasants County Historical Society, contains the full text of "History of Pleasants County" by Robert L. Pemberton, The Oracle Press, St. Marys, WV (1929); excerpts from "Hand Atlas of Pleasants County," Chapter XXI, published by H. H. Hardesty & Company (1882); a Supplement to the Pemberton History entitled "Pleasants County 1930-1980;" topical history of industry, schools, and churches; and family histories. - Cost: $40.00

The Pleasants County Historical Society
P.O. Box 335
St. Marys, WV 26170


VISIT Mountain Heritage Books

New and used books dealing with West Virginia.

Email: mhbks@mountainheritage.com

Mountain Heritage Books and Research
101 Bryan Drive
St. Marys, WV 26170


For anyone who has roots in Harrison County, this 447 page book would be a wonderful gift! In addition to family histories, it has some priceless old maps on the inside front and back.

Send check for $64 to:

Harrison County Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 387
Clarksburg, WV 26301


Wes Cochran
2515 10th Avenue
Parkersburg, WV 26101-5829

Wes has many publications available.
For a complete list of titles and prices, visit Wes Cochran's WV Books


Compiled by the Pleasants County Library Board, Inc. A collection of short stories about people connected to West Virginia. Paperback $10.00. Order from:

Pleasants County Library
101 Lafayette St.
St. Marys, WV 26170
(304) 684-7494


By Mike Naylor

The off shore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea are amazing examples of geology, engineering, and plain old hard work! These "sentinels" mark the path of our journey to quench an ever growing thirst for oil. This well traveled road has passed through many communities in the mid-Ohio Valley; but one city, a town now gone, would be marked with a large star if the journey for oil were mapped: Volcano, West Virginia.

Volcano was a thriving oil boom town, along the border between Ritchie and Wood Counties that by 1870 had introduced the bath tub to Wood County and the "endless cable pumping system" to the production of oil in the United States.

In addition to countless oil rigs, Volcano had an opera hall and establishments serving every need and desire for a population of several thousand. There was a railroad providing transportation to Parkersburg via the B&O line. How many cities in 1870 America had its own railroad! Volcano was a vibrant and colorful town reminiscent of the towns made famous during the settlement of the west, especially the towns of the California gold rush.

The memory of Volcano has been commemorated every year at Mountwood Park through the "Volcano Days" celebration, a fun-filled weekend melding the past and present.

Michael Naylor has written a history of Volcano portraying the town, its inhabitants - both the famous and infamous, and an overview of the role that oil played in the rise and fall of this once vibrant city. The book also contains a section describing the Ritchie Mines, a very unique phenomenon that derived "Grahamite" from the same geological formation that contained Volcano's oil.

Mr. Naylor's book is available from the following retail outlets, or it may be purchased from him at the address below for $15 plus $3 for shipping.

Pleasants County - Phillips Pharmacy

Ritchie County - Ritchie County Library in Harrisville; Marshall's Hardware in Cairo

Wood County - Trans Allegheny Books (Parkersburg); Blennerhassett Hotel (Parkersburg); Blennerhassett Museum (Parkersburg); Mountwood Park (Route 50); Pleasant Valley Trading Company (Route 50)

Marietta, Ohio - Sugden's Book Store

Mike Naylor
935 Cedar Grove Road
Parkersburg, WV 26104-7164

of the

The Tyler County Heritage & Historical Society has republished their hardbound, collector's edition Tyler County History Book Vol. 1 (1984).

If you have any questions, contact Ginger Nalley at bobgin@rcvideo.com or (304) 652-2922; or Hilda Wright at hw@rcvideo.com or (304) 758-2313.

The cost of this book will be $79.50, and, if shipped, $87.50.

Your check or money order is payable to: Tyler County Heritage & Historical Society. Mailed to: History of Tyler Co WV Vol. 1, Atten: Ginger Nalley, 645 Tyler Hwy, Sistersville, WV 26175

There are also available copies of the companion book to the 1984 Tyler County History. The History of Tyler County WV Volume 2 (2005) is available through the Tyler County Heritage & Historical Society at a cost of $62.50, and with postage and handling, $69.50. Information may be obtained by calling: (304) 758-4288 or (304) 758-2313.

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