Photos by Mary Lamp.
Story by Gerald Bills.

"In 1979 we started a tradition of holding the Pleasants County Historical Society annual summer picnic at the Large Farm. A heap of living has been had on the lands of our forefathers in Pleasants County, West Virginia. God's blessings have shone on us for many generations. May we always remember those gifts.

Bruce M. LaRue, Pleasants County History to 1980"

     And the tradition continued on August 26, 2001, when Bruce LaRue hosted the meeting of the Historical Society at the "Old LaRue" home, located at the mouth of Broad Run on Middle Island Creek.

     The 30-40 people in attendance shared a delicious meal in a wonderful setting, which, due to a rain shower, was inside the "Old LaRue" house. Historical Society President, Walter Carpenter, offered grace before the meal.

     The meeting followed and, as usual, was opened by Mr. Carpenter leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a prayer.

     Mr. Carpenter introduced the invited speaker, Jim Ruckman, who spoke about the Wilson and Hall families. Jim covered the origin of the Wilson Family in Pleasants County and presented his genealogy down through his grandparents, mother and aunts. He identified various related families throughout the presentation, and described how they intersected the Wilson family through marriage.

     Jim's grandmother was Dove Hall and this led to a brief overview of the Hall family, with emphasis on the family of his grandmother, a daughter of Ernest M. Hall. Gerald Bills, also in attendance, is the grandson of another daughter, Fannie Hall.

     The meeting was concluded after group discussion and photo-taking. - - According to Mary (Rea) Lamp, "A good time was had by all!"