There Is A Reason

There is a Reason
In my pain
I wonder Why,
That I can't
Lay down and Die

But I know
That God knows best,
For whom He loves
Is put thru test

That we may see things
More clear His way,
Learn the real values
each life's passing day

This pain I have
I feel has been good
For making me feel
The way I should

More forgiving
And loving to all,
And to realize
To never fall

I'm now in
The twilight years,
I trust my God
And have no fear

I hate this pain
That is for sure,
If its my cross
I have to endure

I give Him the praise
For all He has done
There is a reason
Under the sun.

By Virginia Winland, St. Marys, WV

Submitted by Walter Reed, in memory of his aunt - Virginia Winland