The Last Of The Gunfighters


Pic of The Last Of The Gunfighters found in an old USMC footlocker in Rocker's garage. Taken at Da Nang, Republic of Viet Nam, 1967. Check out the mustachioed brown-eyed handsome man on the far left.

For civilians -- VMF(AW) stands for Marine All Weather Fighter Squadron.

451 flew the F-8U Crusader, which is known in military circles as the last U.S. fighter designed with guns as its primary weapon. Missile-only aircraft were at a distinct disadvantage in the environment many thought passe' --- the dogfight. The Crusader with its guns, and Crusader drivers well versed in dogfighting, led to a resurgence in gun-equipped aircraft, and a renewed emphasis in ACM -- Air Combat Maneuvering.

The Marine Pilots in the pic were Top Guns before there was such a name.