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Preston County Map

This map was produced by Tim Miller
for the Preston County Board of Education.

This map shows Preston County in relationship to other counties around it.

W. Va. County Outline Map

This is a portion of the West Virginia County Outline Map
which is available from Everton Publishers, Inc.

  • Preston County Map from an 1895 Atlas

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  • Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
    The GNIS Feature Names Data Base contains records on almost 2 million geographic features in the United States--from populated places, schools, reservoirs, and parks, to streams, valleys, springs, and ridges. The data base is being compiled in two phases. The first phase is complete for all States and areas under U.S. jurisdiction and included the collection of most feature names found on the 1:24,000-scale maps published by the USGS, as well as names on National Ocean Service charts, U.S. Forest Service maps, and in data files of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission. The second phase of compilation is on-going, and involves the collection of current and historical names from official State publications and local materials.

  • TIGER®: The Coast to Coast Digital Map Database!

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