1st Lt. Lewis A. Martin, May 21, 1864

2nd Lt. John D. Young, May 21, 1864 (Transferred to Company K)

2nd Lt. Hiram Lewis, January 25, 1865


Company M


Captain William A. Walton, October 27, 1864

1st Lt. George A. Karnes, September 22, 1864 (Promoted to Captain Company D)

1st Lt. Charles W. Angel , April 7, 1865

2nd Lt. Charles W. Angel, November 26, 1864 (Promoted to 1st Lt.)





Summary of Troop Movements



8th Virginia Infantry (Union)


The 8th Infantry was on post duty at Camp Buffalo until April 1862, when it was assigned to General Freemont’s army and brigaded with the 60th Ohio.  They were then placed under the command of Colonel Cluseret.  The regiment was ordered to New Creek, Virginia and then to Petersburg in Hardy (now Grant) County.  From there they moved to Franklin in Pendleton County to the relief of Generals Schenck and Milroy.  The regiment stayed at Franklin until May 25, 1862; then pursued Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley taking the advance for the brigade and occupied the center of the line at the Battle of Cross Keys.  The regiment had several skirmishes with General Ashby’s Cavalry and in a fight beyond Harrisonburg, Virginia, Ashby was killed.  The 8th Virginia was sent with General Sigel through Thornton’s Gap to Sperryville, Virginia to the relief of General Milroy’s command and had the distinction of being the first Union regiment to occupy Sperryville since the commencement of the war.  The regiment continued with General Sigel to support General Banks at Cedar Mountain and was engaged in all of General Pope’s campaign in Eastern Virginia.  With little or no rest they moved to Mt. Carmel near Strasburg the first day of June 1862 and on to Staunton, Virginia the next day.  The regiment arrived at Harrisonburg  and made camp only to be ordered out again two days later.  Still traveling at a hectic pace, they left Harrisonburg for the fierce and costly battle of Cross Keys June 8, 1862.  Regimental records show that they were at Port Republic June 9, Strasburg June 19 to 22 and Middletown June 24.  They camped at Middleton and Winchester until August 2, 1862 when General Pope took the 8th Infantry on his campaign (August 2, 1862 to September 22, 1862) in Northern Virginia.  Pope’s campaign took them to the Fords of the Rappahannock from August 20 to 22, Sulphur Springs  August 23 to 24, Waterloo Bridge August 25, Gainsville, Virginia  August 28, Groveton  August 29 and the Second Battle of Bull Run August 30, 1862.  During the engagement at Freemond’s Ford , General Bohlen the brigade commander was killed.  The Eighth was next used in the defense of Washington D.C. until September 29, 1862.  The regiment then moved to what is now West Virginia and camped close to the town of Mt. Pleasants where they stayed until October  9, 1862.  In January 1863 , the regiment was transferred to Colonel Moore’s Brigade and ordered to Buchanan, West Virginia.  There the regiment was divided into detachments and posted at Bulltown, Frenchtown and Beverly.  Five companies were sent on an expedition to Monterey in Highland County Virginia while the others had a skirmish in Gilmer County.  The 8th was given outpost duty in various points in the District of West Virginia until June 1863.




Eighth West Virginia Mounted Infantry


On June 13, 1863 the regiment was ordered to Bridgeport, Virginia to be mounted and drilled as mounted infantry.  After June 20, 1863 they became the Eighth West Virginia Mounted  Infantry


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