1880 Raleigh County, West Virginia

Census Transcript

Transcribed by:

Deidre Basham, Ruth Brunty, Nyla Creed DePauk,

Tammy Gonzales, Deanna Holm, Rita O'Brien, and Gracie Stover

Remember this is a transcript.  A transcript is not a primary source of documentation.  This is second-hand information.  It most likely contains numerous errors. Some of the errors are in the actual census, and some of them in transcribing the data.



Notes to the Census Enumerator:

Note A. - The Census Year began 1 June 1879 and ended 31 May 1880.

Note B. - All persons will be included in the Enumeration who were living on the last day of June 1880.  No others will.  Children born since 1 June 1880 will be omitted.  Members of Families who have died since 1 June 1880 will be included.
Note C. - Questions Nos. 13, 14, 22 and 23 are not be asked in respect to persons under 10 years of age.  [Question 13 asked the profession, occupation or trade.  Question 14 asked the number of months this person was unemployed during the census year.  Question 22 asked if the person could read, and question 23 asked if the person could write.]

Explanation of 1880 Census Information as transcribed:
The actual census has 24 columns.  We have consolidated the information into 9 columns in order to include all the information on each person.  We found some of  the pages were difficult to read due to the quality of the images we used.   We have made every attempt to be as accurate as possible and to transcribe as written.  No effort has been made to change or correct any spelling discrepancies or other obvious mistakes in the census reflected in the images.

1.    Dwelling houses are numbered in order of visitation.  Families are numbered in order of visitation.  Occasionally, more than one family appear to be living in the same household.

2.    The name of each person whose place of abode on the first date of June 1880 is listed in this  family.
3.    Color.  B = Black. W = White.  Mu = Mulatto.
      Sex.  Female = F.  Male = M.
4.    Age at last birthday prior to 1 June 1880.  If under one year, months are listed in fractions.  If born within the census year, the month is listed.
5.    Marital status
      S = Single. 
      M = Married.
      W = Widowed.
      D = Divorced.
6.    Relationship of each person to the head of this   family.
7.    Profession, occupation, or trade of each person.
8.    The place of birth of this person, the person's father mother is indicated by listing the state or territory or the country of birth.
9.    Other information is listed in this column:
      a.    The person attended school within the census year = AS.
      b.    The person cannot read or cannot write.  Cannot Read = CNR. Cannot Write = CNW. Cannot Read and Write = CNRW.

      c.    If the person, on the day of the Enumerator's visit, is sick or temporarily disabled, so as to be unable to attend to ordinary business or duties, the sickness or disability is listed.
      d.    If the person is blind, deaf and dumb, idiotic, insane, maimed, crippled, bedridden,  or otherwise disabled, it is also noted here.  
      e.    If the person was born in within the year, the month of birth is listed.
      f.    If the person was married within the year, it will be noted here as marr in yr.
10.   Other Abbreviations used:
      a.    Adop = Adopted

      b.    Adult = Adultery
      c.    AsstHouseKeeper = Assistant House Keeper
      d.    B-in-Law = Brother-in-Law
      e.    Br Thigh = Broken Thigh

      f.    Congs = Congestion
      g.    Cons = Consumption

      h.    D-in-Law = Daughter-in-Law
      i.    Disb = Disabled
      j.    Dis = Disease

      k.    Dtr = Daughter
      l.    Empl = Employed

      m.    ENG = England
      n.    Genl = General
      o.    Grdtr = Granddaughter
      p.    Grmother = Grandmother
      q.    HK = House Keeper
      r.    Id = Idiotic or Idiot

      s.    Infla = Inflammation

      t.    IRE = Ireland
      u.    IsStChr = Island of Saint Christopher
      v.    M-in-Law = Mother-in-Law
      x.    Occup = Occupation

      x     Oper = Operator

      y.    Palpi = Palpitation     

      z.    Ret = Retired
     a1.    Sis-in-Law = Sister-in-Law
     a2.    SCOT = Scotland

     a3.    S-in-Law = Son-in-Law
     a4.    Stepdtr = Stepdaughter
     a5.    Unempl = Unemployed      
     a6.    U = Unrecorded.  We expected this item to be listed; however, the census taker did not complete this item.
     a7.   WAL = Wales



Clear Fork District
Marsh Fork District
Richmond District
Shady Spring District
Slab Fork District
Town District
Trap Hill District
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Remember this is a transcript.  A transcript is not a primary source of documenation.  This is second-hand information.  It most likely contains numerous errors. Some of the errors are in the actual census, and some of them in transcribing the data.



If you find errors in any of the transcripts, I will be happy to correct them.  I will also be glad to annotate any obvious errors made by the census taker. Send an email to ggracie@cox.net.


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