One Hundred and Ten Cases Set for Hearing

Raleigh Register - Thursday - 31 Mar 1921 Beckley, W. Va.
One Hundred and Ten Cases Set For Hearing for April Term of Court.
One hundred and five indictments were returned last week by the grand jury which convened for the April term of court. This is the largest number returned by any jury for several years, and the effects of its work is far reach into the county, there being scarcely a nook or corner that is not affected by having some of its lawbreakers held for trial.
The jury, together with is (sp) foreman, H. H. Harwood, during the four days session, investigated several csases (sp) carefully and fully, and after weighing each case returned indictments in a number of cases, all important to the county.
Among the important state cases to come up in the present term of court, is one against Sherman Mayes, charged with the murder of Theodore Gerald and with the shooting of a negro by the name of Guy Faulkner. The case is set for April 1st.
The case of Henry and Ira Wriston, Garner Stover, and Arthur Stover charged with the murder of Immel Williams, and with shooting Linas Williams will be heard, the date set for the trial beginning April 4th. In this case, able council will assist Prosecutor David Ashworth, while no little talent for the defense has been secured.
The trial of J. L. Gross, charged with the murder of Henry Hankle, has been set for April 9th, while in the case of the State vs O. C. Daniels, charged with the murder of Fred Cook on election day November 2nd, has been set for April 5th.
The case of the State vs James Knight, charged with burglary has been set for April 9th. It will be remembered by residents of Beckley, that Knight was apprehended after breaking into and robbing several homes in this city. Flynn Worley, charged with cutting with intent to kill, "Ponce" Wood will be tried during the present term of court, and likewise Robert Tolley, indicted for passing a number of fraudalent (sp) checks in the city, providing of course he is apprehended in the meantime.
Under a recent ruling of the Supreme court in the case of the State vs Knosky, it was decided that a moonshine still is not a still in a man's residence, but that it must be secreted or hidden from public observation. This makes it well near impossible to secure a conviction in a number of cases now pending in court, although efforts will be made to amend the law regulating the manufacture of liquor in the home or anywhere within the state. Prosecutor Ashworth, in speaking of a number of the Important cases Now pending in court this term, stated that he intended to demand the full penalty of the law in each case, some of which meant death upon conviction. This he feels, may have a quieting effect upon much of the lawless use of firearms, which during the past several months resulted in a number of deaths.
Charles Zofer, charged with operating a moonshine still, was found guilty by the jury hearing the case Tuesday. Sentence has not been pronounced.
All told, one hundred and ten cases have been set for hearing during the present term of court.
Mr. Ashworth stated Tuesday evening, that it would probably be May 1st, before all of the cases could be disposed of.
Contributed by Nyla Creed DePauk