Earl Daniel

Raleigh Register, Beckley, W. Va. Thursday, September 2, 1920
Earl Daniel Slain In Sunday Tragedy
His Sweetheart's Brother Fires Fa- tal Shot into Heart--Mur- derer at Large
Earl Daniel, son of Lewis M. Daniel of Saxon, was shot and instantly killed Sunday afternoon near Montcoal by Minyard Sanders. The latter was incensed because his sister, Miss Minnie Sanders, had refused to go home with him when he met her in company with young Daniel and a party of young people on the railroad track near their home. William Milam and a Miss Clay, members of the party, were both wounded by pistol shots.
The story of the tragedy that has reached county authorities is to the effect that Sanders had been to a ball game and was on his way home when he met the party of young people, his sister walking with Daniel. He asked the girl to turn back and get supper for him. She refused, and Sanders cursed and berated her until she appealed to William Milam to protect her. Milam removed his coat and would have attacked Sanders, but Sanders drew a gun and shot him in the arm. Sanders then turned the gun on Daniel, who had remained silent, and stated that though he liked him he was going to kill him because his sister liked him. With that he shot him through the heart and the young man dropped dead. Miss Clay was presumably injured by the same bullet that tore its way though Milam's arm.
Sanders at once went to his home, armed himself with a Winchester rifle and disappeared in the direction of Boone county. He has not been arrested. As he left his home he was heard to boast that if Milam had also been killed he would have been his fifth man. How much truth there is in that statement is not known, but it has since been reported that he killed a man in Logan county a year or two ago. Sanders hails originally from Tennessee, it is said.
Sanders was somewhat under the influence of moonshine liquor when the shooting took place. Aside from this and the fact that he was enraged because his sister would not go home with him, there is no known motive for the murder.
Earl Daniels was twenty years of age. His body was taken to the home of his parents near Saxon, and buried there on Tuesday. The young man is survived by both parents, four brothers and one sister. He was a nephew of Dr. Geo. P. Daniel, well-known Marshes physician.
Contributed by Rita O'Brien