Charles Cook Shot on Election Day by Oscar Daniel

The Raleigh Register, Beckley, W. Va. Thursday, November 4, 1920
Chas. Cook Killed in Election Fight
Shot and Mortally Wounded at Zada Tuesday by Oscar Daniel, Who Surrenders.
Election day visited tragedy upon Marsh Fork district when Charles Cook, one of her well-known and highly respected citizens, was shot and almost instantly killed by Oscar Daniel, son of E. H. Daniel, of Zada. The shooting took place near Zada post office about 2:30 in the afternoon, and judging from reports received here may be charged up to the prevalence of moonshine whiskey about the voting precinct at that point.
Jesse Daniel, a brother of the man charged with murder, received knife wounds that may result fatally, though his physician of present holds out some hope of his recovery. He was wounded in the general fight by a young man named Milam.
Oscar Daniel disappeared after the shooting according to reports, but his father, who also had a hand in the matter, was arrested and brought to the county jail. On Wednesday morning young Daniel came to Beckley and surrendered to the county authorities, and was also locked up.
The tragedy grew out of the high state of feeling over the election between two factions at the Zada voting precinct. This feeling was heightened by the presence of considerable moonshine whisky. It is said that Daniel was under the influence of liquor when the shot that killed Cook was fired, and had been for most of the day.
Cook is said to have been sober, not being a drinking man, and had no part in the fight, except that he interfered with Daniel when the latter threatened an assault on a boy that stood in the crowd gathered about the voting precinct. Cook is said to have denounced him in rather harsh terms and then turned and walked away. As he did so, Daniel fired, the bullet striking him in the small of the back. He died in a short time.

The Raleigh Register, Beckley, W. Va. Thursday, June 30, 1921
Oscar C. Daniel is Found Guilty
Second Degree Murder is jury's Ver- dict, Carrying Sentence of 5 to 18 Years
Oscar C. Daniel, who was charged with the killing of Charles Cook at Pine Grove school house on November 2nd, 1920, was convicted in Criminal court on the charge of second degree murder, the jury considering its verdict Tuesday morning after deliberation of about three hours.
The case was begun Friday and occupied the attention of the court until Monday evening about nine-thirty o'clock.
In the March term of court the case was tried but the jury failed to reach an agreement, after remaining out for several hours.
It will be remembered that the killing of Cook was the result of an altercation which came about through other members of the family. The two young men lived in Marsh Fork district and were generally regarded as good citizens.
The verdict reached Tuesday morning was received by Daniels who sat in the courtroom. Apparently he was unperturbed and made no show of emotion. His wife was ever present in the courtroom, showed sign of grief and was lead sobbing from the courtroom, while Daniels walked after her, carrying their infant babe in his arms.
The court has not pronounced sentence in the case. The verdict carries with it a sentence of from five to eighteen years at the state penitentiary at Moundsville.
Contributed by Nyla Creed DePauk