From the Raleigh Register - __ January 1921
Boy Died in Charleston Hospital Wednesday Morning - Five Held for Crime

Henry Wriston, of near Clear Creek, was lodged in the county jail Wednesday morning, charged with the murder of Imel Williams, son of Linus Williams, who lives on the White Oak branch of Clear Fork creek near Clear Creek postoffice. The alleged murder took place on Sunday afternoon about a mile from the Williams home. The young man was shot through the abdomen and died early Wednesday morning in the Charleston General Hospital.
Going to his son’s and after he learned of the shooting, Linus Williams was himself shot and perhaps fatally wounded. He is also a patient at the Charleston hospital having been removed to that place on Tuesday.
With Wriston, who is accused of the Williams boy’s murder, are being held also Garner Stover, Ira Wriston, Clyde Stover, and Arthur Stover, the latter four on $2,000 bonds each to answer to indictments at the January term of criminal court. All are implicated in the shooting of the elder Williams.
So far as can be learned there has been bad feelings between the Williams family and the Wristons and Stovers of that section for some time, the trouble arising originally over an effort on the part of the Wristons to get a right of way over the land owned by Linus Williams, who is a substantial and prosperous critizen.
Immediate events leading up to the shooting of Imel Williams could not be learned. Wriston and the four men held with him appear to have been together when the shooting took place. Williams was carried to the home of a neighbor, and his assailant in company with his companions started toward their home, which was up the creek above for the Williams home. All were armed. Instead of taking the road, they walked through the fields. As they went along they saw Linus Williams, armed with a gun, going down the road. They contend that Williams made as if to fire upon them, but another eyewitness states that Williams did not see them. At any rate the five fired a volley at Williams from their pistols, and one bullet took effect in his body.
He was carried to his home, but was not taken to the hospital with his son, as his condition was not thought to be serious. Later, however, complications developed and he was removed to the hospital on Tuesday. His recovery is said to be in doubt.
Contributed by Nyla Creed DePauk