Sneak Thief

Raleigh Register - Thursday, 10 Feb 1921 Beckley, W. Va.
Jim Knight, Colored, Held for Series of Local Robberies
Municipal Officers R. L. Stewart and John Williams, assisted by Deputy Sheriff Walter Cook, last Friday arrested Jim Knight, colored, and lodged him in the county jail where he is being held to face indictment for housebreaking and robbery. Knight is believed to be responsible for the whole series of robberies that has taken place in this city during the past year, the latest of which was at the home of A. F. Shumate one night last week.
The arrest was made at the home of Tom Martin, colored, in the southern part of the city, and Martin is also being held for harboring the alleged thief and his stolen goods. Several of the articles taken from the Shumate home were found in Knight's possession among them being two pistols, a diamond ring, $20 in money, and a diamond brooch, and a Masonic ring.
Knight is also suspected of having entered and robbed the homes of Clyde Cook, S. E. Turner, and C. H. Feller, and about a year ago he also purloined a watch from P. W. McClung, jewelry repairer. His arrest is considered an important one, and will probably put an end to the character of depredations of which he stands accused.
Contributed by Nyla Creed DePauk