Historical Footprints, Vol I

Contributed by: Pauline Haga

The photos and articles in this section are from Pauline Haga's book, Historical Footprints, Vol I.
Pauline lives at Crab Orchard, WV and has written many books for Raleigh Co Researchers.

  1. Map of Post Offices
  2. Introduction
  3. History of Raleigh County
  4. Confederate Army Life of Elkanah Brammer
  5. In Memory of Elkannah Brammer
  6. Civil War Journal of William Sewell Dunbar
  7. Medical Discharge of William Dunbar
  8. Map of Post Offices in 1887
  9. Postmasters from 1855-1877
  10. Postmasters from 1878-1889
  11. Postmasters from 1890-1904
  12. Postmasters from 1904-1930
  13. Postmasters from 1930-1971
  14. Post Offices From A - Z

Copyright by: Gracie Stover