Postmasters from 1904-1930

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1904 Story in Raleigh Register Makes
Notice of 64 Post Offices Within
The Bounds of Raleigh County
Only Four Money Order Offices
Beckley, Harper, Raleigh and Wright included the money order offices and notation was made to the fact that while most of the post offices derive their names from families in the immediate area. There are several which do not.
Abney was named after Bill Abney, who traveled in Raleigh County for a number of years; Arnett was named after a Methodist minister and Atkinsville from Jim Atkins.
Actually the town of Cirtsville was pronounced Kirtzville, having been named after a man by the name of Kurtz. The government misspelled the name when the office was established.
Hotchkiss derived from the great engineer Jed Hotchkiss and was located on his survey on Slab Fork. Lanark was the name of a town in Scotland, chosen by a coal operator and his home town.
Mabscott was a combination of Mable and Scott, derived from Cyrus Scott, the founder of the community. Mabel was the name of his wife. Odd was so called on account of the government suggesting to the patrons of the office that they must call their office some 'ODD' name.

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