Post Offices from A - Z

Proposal of post office, dated May 27, 1886, and described as "on route from Raleigh Courthouse to Joe's Branch." contractor for post office was Peter Snuffer. Nearest railroad was C&O at Prince, about 22 miles away.
Martin Bower was the postmaster. Information on the post office, dated Jan 19, 1903, described the site as three miles from Bacontown and the proposed office would be two miles from the Piney River with 100 patrons and George W Bower, Postmaster.
Information on March 17, 1917, the post office would be 200 feet from Piney River and 100 feet from the Virginian Railroad. The flag stop is 'Abney' and serves 100 people.
The name of the post office was changed to Phillips when a small coal mining town was built. By Oct 24, 1917 the post office site was changed and the name went back to Abney post office. It was described as one mile from Sullivan and two miles from 'Jon Ben." Daniel Boone was also postmaster in 1927. The little town also was once known as Boone.

Application made Oct 18, 1907. Described as two miles from Pear with 200 or more patrons. In Richmond District. The postmaster was G. W. Smith

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