Post Offices from A - Z

Page Thirty Seven

The first name proposed was Tunis. Lewis Cass Shrewsbury was to be postmaster and the application was dated March 30, 1903. The office would serve 200 to 300 patrons.
Application dated March 20, 1921 to serve 95 patrons, part Marshes with George P Daniel as postmaster. In Trap Hill District. Office to be 500 feet from Dingess Creek, with the town of Surveyor two miles E and Bolt, four miles W. Stover was two and one-half miles North.
In Marsh Fork District. The first name selected for this office was Rootville. The post office remarked "There was already an office named Roothville and Bootville looks a lot like this." The office would have James K Fleshman as postmaster to serve 50 people in the village or 250 patrons. James H Lemon would be contractor. Coal River marshes would be six miles away.
Dated Jan 25, 1887 with James Lemon as sub-contractor and Andrew J Carper as postmaster. Noted June 25, 1924. Order discontinued, office rescinded. Ada H Stover was postmaster Jan 15, 1925 and Mrs Elsie Rogers took over Dec 14, 1925 and Mrs. Myrtle Feggett in April 1926.
Application dated May 29, 1891 in Trap Hill District, was formerly called Pumpkintown. Located on Clay Branch with Jesse Daniel as postmaster, his signature dated June 4, 1891.
(Late Millers Camp Branch) - Dated Oct 17, 1903 when named as Harper. Millers Camp Branch established in 1871. H. H. Harper was postmaster. "There is a railroad located in about 100 yards from my office," in Trap Hill District. A March 16, 1915 notation said the office was 11 miles S. E. of Eccles with French O Harper as postmaster.
Name changed to Bolt. The post office application for Harvey was dated Jan 20, 1890 with J. M. Dunn as postmaster. 50 patrons to be served. No village. Also signed by M. W. Pendry at the Marshes.
A village of about 125 families, to serve from 125 to 175 patrons. William Henry Johnson, postmaster. To be 100 feet from Hazy Creek. W. T. Ross was railroad agent at Edwight, which was 1.8 miles by the railroad.
Dated May 18, 1899 with John D Bradley as postmaster. Launa was three miles S E and Jarrolds Valley five miles N W.
Formerly called Patterson, dated Sep 7, 1909. The nearest postoffice being Sopia, 11 miles away. The Hot Coal area in Town District and on Winding Gulf. Office 50 feet from Virginian Railroad and 100 feet North of Winding Gulf Creek. McAlpin was 11 miles S W and Winding Gulf was two miles S E.

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