by Mike Peters

The movie JFK asked a question, "How do you know who your Daddy is?"   The answer was simply "Because your Mother told you so."  In genealogy, oral legend is sometimes all we have to prove fatherhood no matter how hard we search for documentation.  Mothers are much simpler to identify.

Mothers walk the floor, sleep deprived, in their quest to make us feel better.  They change us, burp us and wipe "spit up" off our faces.  They place cold washcloths on our fevered foreheads.

Mothers listen when we utter things that maybe only a mother can understand.  Mothers talk when we need guidance. Sometimes it's just, "Shhhhh" or "It'll be all right."  Sometimes it's stuff we don't want to hear. Sometimes it praise.  But it is always the right thing.

Mothers are actors.  When Dads die or desert us, moms step into a dual role playing the part of both Mom and Dad.  Sure their knowledge of baseball, fishing and cars doesn't parallel that of Dad.  But there is something to be said for trying and for being there.

Mothers are there when we graduate magna cum laude or by the skin of our teeth.  They yell the loudest at sporting events whether we strike out or hit the game winning homer.

A mother's love is unconditional and she asks nothing in return except that you do the same for your children and grandchildren. We can never pay them back.  But we can "pay forward," by our actions, so that future generations without benefit of a census, marriage license or birth certificate can know and understand Mom and Grandma.

Happy Mother's Day!


Mike Peters

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