Uncle Lloyd

by Mike Peters

Since I started this addiction we call genealogy, he was the person I went to with any questions regarding my PETERS and STOVER lines--my Uncle Lloyd Peters.  He grew up in Marfork, Raleigh County, WV, the son of James Burton Peters and Sadie Alice Stover and brother to my father, Shelby Hollis Peters.

My thirst for history and genealogy was always quenched when we talked.  He was a little slow in opening up and might not have the answer for a specific question you had.  But by the end of the conversation you had some diamond of information to store in your genealogical safe. Talks with Uncle Lloyd were always prefaced by closing the office door, grabbing a pen and pad of paper and telling the kids to be quiet.  You never knew when he'd reel off a one-liner that would make Henny Youngman proud.

Lloyd Peters

27 May 1934 - 27 Feb 2001

I once informed him that we were related to Country Music Hall of Famer "Little" Jimmy Dickens.  The connection comes because of my gg grandfather Jonathan Peters' marriage to Catherine Dickens.  He already knew that, but because of his lack of interest in "Little" Jimmy Dickens' style of music he said, "You ain't gonna tell anybody are you?"

I have recently been searching for the date and place of my grandmother and grandfather Peters' wedding.  I have already found the date and place of my grandfather's marriage to his first wife Effie Pettry.  I informed my uncle, a couple of weeks ago, that my grandfather was married prior to his marriage with my grandmother--something of course that he already knew.  His reply was simply, "That sly dog!"

He told me how he met his wife Barbara when a buddy in the service introduced them. That was followed by a little silence then the classic, "I haven't forgiven him yet."

In the 33 years since my father died, I have only seen my Uncle Lloyd three times. Each time was at a funeral.  Monday will be no different.  But this time he'll be unable to answer his nephew's questions.  His death makes me the oldest male in the Peters family, a distinction that leaves this 43-year-old scrambling to put his life in the proper perspective.

Please hug your kids today!  Tell your friends you love them! If we could all do that, then Uncle Lloyd will have left us a wonderful legacy.


Mike Peters

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