Genealogy Again

by Mike Peters

Genealogy may be the perfect prescription.

I did a couple of marriage lookups for Raleigh and Wyoming County researchers.  My reference was a slightly dog-eared copy of one of Pauline Haga's marriage books. It felt great!

A cousin went to Richmond, VA for a couple of days.  Offered to do some research for me.  I asked him to check for any information on my Floyd and Franklin County PETERS ancestors who served the Confederacy in, what another cousin calls, the  "War of Northern Aggression."  He sent me some info from the Confederate Capital.  More is to come later.  I again feel like that kid on Christmas Eve.

I received an E-mail from a cousin, who I have never met.  She thanked me for writing a bio on her grandfather and my great uncle--Herbert Jackson Stover, Sr.  The completion of his bio was the last thing I did before going to sleep on Monday 10 September 2001.  I was ecstatic and happy. The bio had been a "labor of love."  Life was good!

I woke up on Tuesday just prior to the terrorism. Drank some coffee and was checking my E-mail box.  My wife called me to the TV where I watched the twin towers burn and tumble.  My mother then called and informed me, "They've hit our Pentagon."  I have been in a daze as cloudy as Manhattan's "Ground Zero" since.

My mother's phone call while informative was also a signal of what was to come.  It wasn't the Pentagon.  It was "our" Pentagon.  Togetherness, patriotism and prayer ensued.  They should never have left!

A friend of mine, who lives down the street, is Jewish.  We collect sports memorabilia and attend sporting events together.  I wanted his perception.  As he walked his 2 golden retrievers around our block, we talked about the new security being implemented by the commercial airlines.  I told him I would probably never fly again.  He said he would fly again and soon.  He was going to Florida to play some golf and "soak up the sun."  He had recently lost his spouse to cancer and her death had been long and painful.  Dying in a plane crash, he concluded, would be better than that. He was living his life as he had prior to 11 September 2001.

I'm not saying that we should forget. But I think it's time we get back to family matters.


Mike Peters

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