Pearl Harbor Update

by Mike Peters

A while back, I told the story of a Pearl Harbor survivor.

That same gentleman was on TV this week.  He had driven to a designated area, an area where flags were flying proudly, an area where money was being raised to assist the families of those killed during Tuesday's terrorist attacks.  When interviewed, he said he didn't have much money to give.  But he gave what he could and then offered to go and fight again as he had done some 60 years ago on 7 December 1941.  That's what America is all about!

I am still trying to figure out what was accomplished on 11 September 2001--this century's "day of infamy." A group of terrorists who crossed our borders illegally and who received their pilot's training here, hijacked four of our commercial planes and crashed them into our World Trade Towers and Pentagon. They caught us off guard, "cold cocked" us and bloodied our nose like a bully.  But they didn't learn the lesson that our children learn in elementary school.  NEVER pick on the playground's biggest kid.  They will soon feel our military might.  They will soon understand our resolve. They will never understand our spirit!  As a teaching aid, may I offer the example of one 80-year-old WWII vet.

God bless America and its citizens!


Mike Peters

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